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This will heat the skin up.

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Q: What is the effect of absorption of infrared light by human skin?
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What is calorescence?

Calorescence is the absorption of infrared radiation and emission of visible light.

What is difference between visible and infrared light?

Visible light is visible (for the human eye), infrared is not. Infrared has a longer wavelength, and a higher frequency. visible light is visible to human i.e the VIBGYOR, above vibgyor are ultravoilet light which is not visible to human eye and below vibgyor are infrared light which is also not visible to human eye.

Why cant humans detect infrared light?

They can. While human eyes can not "see" infrared light, humans can detect this light as "heat" on the surface of the skin.

Is a infrared a type of light?

Infared is a type of light that is not visible to the human eye.

What are 2 forms of light that the human eye cant see?

infrared light and ultraviolet light

How does radiation heat a substance?

Heat is the chaotic vibrations of molecules caused by absorption and emission of infrared radiation. Also, if a particle absorbs any wavelength of light then it can transfer some of the energy of the absorption into kinetic energy which generates infrared radation; which we perceive as heat.

What is the effect of this infrared light being released into the air from the ground?

It warms the air

Does earth radiating mostly infrared light cause the greenhouse effect?

Yes. The infrared radiation from the surface of the earth is captured by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This causes the greenhouse effect.

Which colour can not be seen by a human?

Humans do not see the infrared or ultraviolet forms of light.

How is visible light convert to infrared in greenhouse effect?

Visible light heats the earth and the earth emits infrared energy which is absorbed by green house gases that trap the heat.

What does infrared wave mean?

It is an electromagnetic wave, which means it is similar to light, but invisible to the human eye. Infrared light (or infrared waves) have a longer wavelength and a smaller frequency than visible light.

What has the author Henry S Hsiao written?

Henry S. Hsiao has written: 'Attraction of moths to light and to infrared radiation' -- subject(s): Behavior, Infrared radiation, Light, Moths, Physiological effect