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The effect carbon monoxide gas has on the human body is that it takes up the place of oxygen in the blood, which means your not getting enough oxygen needed which is slowly killing you.

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Is carbon monoxide natural or human produced?

Carbon monoxide can be natural by also human produced.

How long does it take for a human to die from carbon monoxide poisoning?

That would depend upon the dosage of Carbon Monoxide.

Why is it difficult to detect carbon monoxide?

carbon monoxide is invisibe to the human eye and has no scent. by the time you realse it it in your house...its too late so install a carbon monoxide detector!

How does corbon monoxide affect the human body?

Carbon Monoxide stops the oxygen in the blood from being carried throughout the human body

Which of the following compounds of carbon is poisnous to human being on long exposure?

carbon monoxide!!!

Is a natural product of animal and human life?

carbon monoxide

How does carbon monoxide affect human health?

clos mata

What human activities release sulphur dioxide ,carbon monoxide and oxide of nitrogen to the atmosphere?

Burning of fossil

What elements make up carbon monoxide?

Carbon and oxygen : CO. Carbon monoxide is made of one carbon atom and one oxygen atom. Highly reactive within the human bloodstream.

Do human need carbon monoxide to survive?

The body makes all the carbon monoxide it needs, which isn't much but it's more than none.

What is the average amount of carbon monoxide a human body needs?


What is carbon monoxide cycle?

Carbon monoxide is first produced by either human activities involving combustion or a variety of natural processes. From there on, it reacts with oxygen/hydrogen radicals in the atmosphere and become carbon dioxide. The fact that most carbon monoxide will become carbon dioxide when left in the atmosphere long enough can help explain why the carbon monoxide cycle is not taught in school.

Why was the carbon monoxide detector invented?

Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless, and tasteless; undetectable by any human sense. It is also deadly and it can easily form inside a house. The only way to warn people of the danger is though a carbon monoxide detector.

What is the effect carbon monoxide in human lungs?

Carbon monooxide is known as poisnous to human because it can bind with blood haemoglobin 200 times more then oxygen so it can block blood oxygen carrying capacity and we can die due to lack of oxygen or hypoxia...

Are there ways you can safely swallow carbon monoxide?

The only known way to filter carbon mononxide is with a sheet of human skin.

Carbon Monoxide, the Silent, Odorless Killer?

When remodeling your kitchen, it is imperative that you include a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a deathly gas that has no odor. It cannot be detected by human scent. Carbon monoxide detectors detect when the carbon monoxide levels in your home are becoming a threat. You can find many new natural gas detectors at your local home improvement warehouse. Always make sure that you check your natural gas detectors twice a year and replace batteries as needed.

How much carbon monoxide does a human exhale in 24 hours?

5 trillion cubic centermeters

Why is carbon monoxide considered to be toxic to human cells?

It is not toxic for cell. Buut it is harmful hemoglobin.

What are the purposes of carbon monoxide in the body?

There is no useful purpose for Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the human body. It is dangerous because it is absorbed into the blood stream instead of oxygen, leading to cellular suffocation in high concentrations.

Do briquettes produce carbon monoxide which is harmful 2 human beings?

Yes. Anything organic that burns releases carbon monoxide, except in the rare case that it burns in very high oxygen atmosphere.

What is the difference carbon and carbon monoxide?

Carbon, as an element, is a black solid. Carbon Monoxide is a molecule made up of one carbon and one oxygen atom bound to each other. It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas at normal earth temperature and pressure, and is very poisonous to human beings.

How CO affects the human system?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) binds to Hemoglobin in the Red Blood Cells tighter than Oxygen. Thus, it is not properly released, and the body will essentially suffocate at high levels. Blood carrying carbon monoxide has a bright red color, and will tend to give a pink color to the flesh.

What effect of leakage of natural gas on the human body?

Natural gas effect on our lungs because its harmful for human being. when ever we inheral carbon monoxide its poisonous and human body feeling illness. Its very dangrous when ever natural gas leak some where repair or block this leakage its very harmfull for human body and childrens as well.

What is the characteristics of carbon monoxide that makes it dangerous to human?

It readily bonds to the air sacs of the lungs causing affixiation.

What human activities relase sulphur dioxide carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen to the atmosphere?

Burning of fossil fuels

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