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Q: What is the effect of change the length of tube input liquid?
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In order for a substance to change from a liquid to a gas?

In order for a substance to change from a liquid to a gas, energy must be input

How long will it take for a solid to turn into a liquid and then from a liquid to a gas?

The time to change phase from solid to liquid to gas is entirely dependent on the energy input. At a great enough input of energy the change can be almost instantaneous. Also, the change depends on the substance that is being changed from solid to liquid to gas.

What is an avalanche effect?

An avalanche effect is a property of cipher systems in which a small change in the input results in a large change in the output.

Phase change from solid to liquid?

Is called melting and reauires an input in energy.

Boiling of water and vapor is a change of?

Phase state: The liquid water is becoming vapor, from input of heat.

What is the difference between the output ofintegratorand input of a differentiator?

A; An integrator will integrate or slowly change as a rapid input is applied. Differentiate will have just the opposite effect

What is the change from a liquid to gas?

Evaporation, at a rate proportional to heat input and temperature specific to the fluid to a maximum set by the pressure.

Heat can change the state of matter?

Yes. Transitions of 'state' from the solid, to liquid, to the gaseous require the input of heat energy to the system.

To input length in centimeter in qbasic?


To input length in centimeter and calculate its length in meter?

1 cm = 0.01m. so it means multiply your input with 0.01 to get cm into m.

What is a constant input?

An input that does not change over time.

How do you input the number of characters in java?

".length()". The . length method is inherited from the String class.

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