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Before we can attempt an answer to that question, we'll need to agree on the

meaning of the fuzzy, slippery phrase "amount of electricity". I'm going to interpret

that phrase to mean the current through the circuit.

If the batteries are connected in series, then more batteries produce more current

through the circuit.

If the batteries are connected in parallel, then the number of them has no effect

on the magnitude of current through the circuit. But whatever the current is, more

batteries will cause it to flow in the circuit for a longer time, before they run down.

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if you increase the number of batteries,the light bulb will light brighter,if you decrease the number of batteries the light bulb light will be dimmer.

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Q: What is the effect of changing the numbers of batteries in a circuit?
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multiplies source voltage, two 12v dc batteries in series become a 24v circuit; also multiplies resistence

If Three 12 volt batteries are connected in parallel what is the effect on the circuit?

There will be no effect on the voltage. That is the effective voltage will be only 12 volt. But there will be increase of current.

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