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Q: What is the element that has a name that means hidden one in greek?
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What noble gas name means hidden one in Greek?

The answer is Krypton.It comes from the Greek work kryptos (hidden)

What is the origin name of krypton?

It's from the greek word "kryptos" which means "hidden".

What is the element krypton's origin of name?

It comes from a Greek word meaning "hidden."

Has a name that means hidden one in greek?


Origin of name for lanthanum?

The element lanthanum is named after the Greek word "Lanthanein," which means "to lie hidden." This name was chosen because the element is often found in minerals that are difficult to separate from each other, making it "hidden" among other rare earth elements during early discoveries.

What element's name comes for Greek word for hidden?

Plutonium. It is actually named for the planet Pluto, but that was named for the greek god Pluto, and Pluto in greek means hidden. As in 'the valuable ores of the earth are hidden'. Kruptos is more likely as Kruptos is greek for hidden and more related to the Element Krypton. atomic # 36

What elements name means the hidden one in Greek?

krypton kr meaning the hidden one

What do the names of nobles gases mean?

The noble gases (helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon) were given their name because they were believed to be "noble" or unreactive due to their stable electron configurations. They were originally referred to as inert gases, but the term "noble gases" became more commonly used to highlight their unique qualities.

What element has name that means lazy in greek?

It the element Argon (Ar) from the greek word αργό (argo) meaning slow

What element name comes from the Greek word Helios that means sun?


What element is means the smelly one?

Bromine, the name when translated to greek means smelly one

Which element name is moon in greek?

selenium is the element whose name is moon in Greek