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In that moment joan regonized that mr.behrman was her guardian angel. He gives her the opportunity to think positive about her own life and that she doesn´t believes when the last leaf falls from the vine outside the window ,she will die.With the secretly paint a leaf on the wall -a leaf that would never fall, he inspiring Joan to fight mentally her illness. He gives his healthiness to save this from Joan. When I considering that,it was cold and wet from painting in the icy rain I realize that he also caught pneumonia and died.

So the surprise ending was the final realization that the last leaf was not real but a painting seemed to have a magical healing power to renewed Joans will to love and to defeat her pneumonia.

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"The Last Leaf" by O. Henry concludes with an emotional twist when Johnsy realizes that the last leaf on the vine outside her window remained even after a storm, inspiring her to fight for her life. It is revealed that the leaf was actually painted by Mr. Behrman, sacrificing his own life to give Johnsy hope and strength.

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the last leaf ends with the reader finding out that the leaf was actually painted on the tree, so it was kind of a placebo for keeping the main character alive. that's all i remember.

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Q: What is the ending of the last leaf?
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Is the ending of the last leaf story logical?

The ending of "The Last Leaf" by O. Henry can be seen as logical in the context of the story's themes of sacrifice and hope. The painter's act of creating the last leaf to give his dying friend hope and will to live demonstrates the power of art and love. Ultimately, the mysterious endurance of the painted leaf symbolizes the enduring strength of human connection and perseverance.

If you were the author of the story what would be the ending would you like in The Last Leaf?

I would end "The Last Leaf" by revealing that Behrman's sacrifice of painting the last leaf to give hope to Johnsy actually saves her life. Johnsy recovers and learns the truth about the leaf from Sue, leading to a touching moment of realization and gratitude for Behrman's selfless act. The story ends with a message of the power of art, friendship, and hope.

What kind of irony used in the last leaf?

The last leaf showcases situational irony, as the twist ending reveals that the leaf painted by an artist actually saved a young woman's life. The audience and characters are led to believe that the leaf's significance is purely symbolic until the truth is revealed.

Never ending level 59?


What reaction when The Last Leaf was published?

"The Last Leaf" by O. Henry was well-received upon its publication in 1907, with readers and critics praising its emotional depth and twist ending. The story's exploration of selflessness and perseverance resonated with audiences, making it a popular and enduring piece of literature.

Who sang the song The last leaf?

Cascades sang the song 'Last Leaf'.

Words ending in eaf?

Deaf, leaf, sheaf.

The Significance of the Title of the Story The Last Leaf?

The title of The Last Leaf is significant as it compares the falling of the last leaf to death. Johnsy, who suffered from pneumonia, felt that when the last leaf fell, she would die. Her neighbor, and artist, was determined to keep the last leaf intact on the tree. He braved a storm to paint the last leaf on a wall, making Johnsy believe that the leaf had not fallen. He contracted pneumonia in doing so, and died when the last leaf fell.

When was The Last Leaf created?

"The Last Leaf" was created in 1907 by O. Henry, the pen name of American writer William Sydney Porter.

What is the critical appreciation of the last leaf by o'Henry?

"The Last Leaf" by O. Henry is celebrated for its poignant exploration of sacrifice and friendship. The story's themes of hope, resilience, and selflessness resonate with readers, along with its twist ending that highlights the power of art and the human spirit. O. Henry's use of symbolism, particularly the last leaf symbolizing life and hope, adds depth to the narrative and enhances its emotional impact.

What is the phrase 'the last leaf' when translated from English to Indonesian?

The phrase 'the last leaf' when translated to Indonesian is daun terakhir.

What is the duration of The Last Leaf?

"The Last Leaf" is a short story written by O. Henry. It can typically be read in about 15-20 minutes, depending on the reader's pace.