What is the entry for service tax due received and payment?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is the entry for service tax due received and payment?
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What is difference between auto data entry and manual data entry?

This is from my experience in Remittance processing or Payment processing - A company sends a statement for payment to a customer, the customer in turn sends back statement with payment for credit to their account. The statement has scan line that has OCR characters with the customers account number and amount of payment due that is readable by a data entry machine. When the customer sends payment that matches the amount due exactly, those payments can be processed by machine as an automatic entry reading from the scan line and without having to be keyed manually key entered on a ten key pad by an operator. These payments are processed in batches. Manual entry is when a customer sends a payment that is different from the amount due on the statement, an operator has to manually enter that payment into the data entry machine using a ten key pad. These payments are also processes in batches.

What does an amortization table show me?

An amortization table is a report of all pertinent information regarding a loan including the terms of the loan and a list of each calculated loan payment. Each loan payment entry could show:the amount of principal due as of this paymentamount of the paymentportion of payment used as interest (the amount of interest in this payment)portion of payment that reduces the principal for the next payment entry

How Due date for service tax payment of sole proprietorship?

pay qtly. service tax in case of sole proprietorship

Do to the payment not received by the due date when to use due or do?

-It WOULD be 'Due to the payment not rec'd...'It can be quite comforting to know what to do when the time is due. -See the link(s) provided below:But here's one just for fun: Please tell me that you Do know when the Dynamic Duo is due!

When is an account 30 days past due?

The account would be 30 days past due if no payment is received by the next due date. So, for example, if you missed a payment for this month's due date, at the next due date you will be 30 days past due and owe two payments.

Discount received from the supplier or allowed to customer for making the early payment of due is termed as..?

Trade Discount

Is there a grace period for paying auto insurance in Minnesota?

According to my agent, there used to be a ten day grace period from the policy payment due date to the receipt of payment. She said that was no longer the case. If payment is not received on the payment due date, you are considered un-insured. My auto debt form is in the mail!

What is an increase in Accounts Payable?

An increase in Accounts Payable means that the company has received more invoices that are due for payment.

you keep returning my payments..then charging me late fees?

If the payment is received after the due date, late fees can be charged.

What is meant by refund?

To refund is to give back the payment made, usually due to a cancelled order or unsatisfactory service and/or returning of a money guarantee as part of a payment deal.

What is the journal entry for Interest due but not received?

debit interest receivablecredit interest income

What are the rules for credit card payment at Home Depot?

The rules for credit card payment at Home Depot is their monthly payment has to be received by the due date specified on their credit card statement or they could receive a late charge.