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What is the epidermal layer?


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The epidermal layer is a your skin.

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Malignant melanoma arises in the Stratum basale layer of the epidermal layer.

The layer below the Epidermal layer is called the Dermal layer. It's a connective tissue made up of collagen and elastin.

An epidermal cell is a cell that is a cell that is part of the outer layer of an organism

Keratinocytes are predominant in the epidermal layer of the skin.

An epidermal cell is a cell that is part of the outer layer of an organism. For example, in humans, skin cells are epidermal. Leaves on plants have epidermal layers on the top and bottom of the leaf.

it is a thin layer that can be peeled out from an onion.

The epidermal cell forms the outer layer of the leaf

The epidermal layer. (below that is the acellular dermal layer)

its found in the epidermal layer of the skin

The stratum cornium has keratinized cells.

1st is epidermis, 2nd is subcutaneous and last, the dermis, which is the deepest layer

Stratum Lucidum.....The palms and the soles of his feet has the thickest skin layer.

Yes the lower eqidermal layer is corvered with cuticle.

Epidermal means above (epi-) the dermis (main skin layer). The epidermal layer is made of dead skin cells which you shed all day long. They also make up most of what we call house dust.

Epidermal pigment is pigment that is on the outer layer of the skin. In humans, that is usually melanin, which is the pigment that makes up skin.

The Stratum Basale. Or, perhaps, 'the epidermis', or the epidermal layer.

When the outer layer of cells covering an organism thickens.

That is the outer layer of skin covering the body.

Our skin has two layers: (1) Epidermal layer and (2) Dermal layer.Micro-organisms that penetrate through the epidermal layer is trapped in dermal layer which has WBC's, mast cells that fight antigen.Dermal layer has two parts, papillary layer and dermis. Other processes in the dermis then gets rid of any waste collected in the papillary of epidermal layer.

The only cell layer that exhibit the cell division is the basal layer, in case of the epidermis.

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