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Word equation:

Water [at temp 0>100] + (thermal energy) => Water Vapour [at temp 100] + (thermal energy)

Symbol equation:

H20 (l) + (thermal energy) => H20 (g) + (thermal energy)

Thermal energy is placed in brackets because it is not a substance. This is a physical reaction so not chemical bonding has occurred due to there being only one type of molecule and only heat energy.

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Q: What is the equation for boiling water?
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What is chemical equation of boiling water and ferric floride mixture?

ive seen a few different equations but this one is the correct one, because ive researched it a lot. this is the chemical equation for boiling water H2O(1)-->H2O(g)delta(h)-->O

What has more energy a drop of boiling water or a cup of boiling water?

the cup of boiling water.

Which has the higher temperature - boiling water or ice?

boiling water

For 4 cups of boiling water do you boil 4 cups of water or do you measure water after boiling?

you measure the water before boiling. after boiling would be more tricky.

What is hotter a glacier or boiling water?

Boiling water.

What is the fear of boiling water?

The fear of boiling water refers to either getting burned by the steam, or the boiling water.

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what is the boiling point of water

What is boiling water out of a kettle used for?

Boiling water out of a kettle can be used for boiling noodles for soup or spaghetti.

What happens to the temperature of boiling water?

The boiling point of water is 100 degrees celsius. The water will evaporate at boiling point. By the way what do you mean "what happens to the temperature of boiling water" if you think about it, it does not make sense.

What is hotter boiling water or boiling oil?

The boiling oil.

What does the boiling of salt water compare to the boiling point of fresh water?

The boiling point of freshwater is lower than the boiling point of saltwater.

What is the molecular mass of 64.3 grams of solute in 3.90 x 10 2 grams of water raises the boiling point to 100.680 c?

The boiling point constant of water is: kb = 0.512. The equation for boiling point elevation is (change in Temp) = kb * Bb where Bb is the molality of the solution taking dissociation into account.

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boiling water.

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Boiling salt water.

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Boiling chips are not soluble in water.

Boiling water physical or chemical?

Boiling water is a physical change.

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The boiling of water is endothermic, as the water absorbs heat as it turns from a liquid to a vapor.

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Don't worry if it's above the boiling water,, but if it's not near the boiling water then their's a problem.

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Which is most likely be the temperature of boiling water? 100oC is the boiling point of pure water - when water is boiling, it stays at a constant temperature until all of it is evaporated.

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No. Boiling water turns water into water vapor.

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Boiling and evaporation are not identical processes: boiling is produced at the boiling point and evaporation occur under the boiling point. The boiling point of water is at 760 mmHg oC.

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The boiling point of water is fixed but boiling points depends on the atmospheric pressure.

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Salt water, but the water will stop boiling because upon adding the salt it raised the boiling point of water.

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