What is the equation for iodine mixed with glucose?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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I2(l) + H2O(l) -> OI-(aq) + 2H+(aq) + I-(aq)

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Q: What is the equation for iodine mixed with glucose?
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Is iodine an indicator of glucose?

No. Iodine is an indicator of starch which results in a bluish-black color when mixed.

Balanced equation for rubidium and iodine?

what is the balanced equation for Rubidium metal reacting with halogen iodine

What chemical detects glucose?

Iodine can detect starch, which is a polymer of glucose

Is iodine larger than glucose?

iodine cells are smaller then glucose ------- I would take exception to the first answer. Iodine is clearly smaller because it exists as a diatomic molecule I2 while glucose is a molecule of 24 atoms, having the chemical formula C6H12O6.

What is the equation for iodine being heated?

iodine sublimes to form I2

Which mineral is glucose mixed with to make protein?

There is no "mineral" mixed with glucose to make proteins.

What is the chemical reaction for ethanol mixed with iodine?

Potassium iodide does not react with water; it only dissolves. The equation for this is KI(s) --> K+(aq) + I-(aq).

Is glucose expected to have a positive iodine test?

No, Starch is

Why does petrol change color when mixed with iodine solution?

Petrol changes color when mixed with iodine solution due to covalent bonding.

What are the examples of non polar solute?

glucose,fructose,solid iodine,hydrocarbons

Which reacts to iodine glucose or starch?

Starch turns blue when Iodine is introduced. Added: Though it's not quite a chemical reaction, Iodine will give starch a bluish purple color but it stays chemically UNchanged. Iodine stays reddish brown with glucose and many other oligosaccharides (up till about 10 to 15 monomeric glucose units)

What term is used to describe iodine mixed with water?

You think probable to a tincture of iodine.