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What is the equation for oxygen?

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Oxygen has not an equation, but a chemical symbol: O.

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What is the chemical equation for oxygen?

The chemical equation for OXYGEN is [O]

What is the written equation for oxygen?

The Chemical equation for oxygen is "O" lol

Word equation for zinc and oxygen?

The Word Equation for Zinc and Oxygen is: Zinc → Oxygen → Zinc oxide And the Balanced Symbol Equation for Zinc and Oxygen is 2Zn → O2 → 2ZnO

What is the word equation for making oxygen?

There is no word equation for making oxygen. Oxygen is a natural element and cannot therefore be a created substance.

Chemical equation for iron water and oxygen?

chemical equation for water- H2O chemical equation for oxygen- O2when water, oxygen and iron comes in contact the process of rusting occurs.

Carbon dioxide-oxygen chemical equation?

If you mean Carbon minus Oxygen then, no. It isn't an equation.

What is the Chemical equation for Mg and oxygen?

The chemical equation for the reaction between magnesium and oxygen is 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO.

What is the chemical equation for ethanol and oxygen?

Balanced Chemical EquationC2H5OH + 3O2 -----> 2CO2 + 3H2OWord EquationEthanol + Oxygen -----> Water + Carbon Dioxide

What is the Equation for water plus oxygen?

Water and oxygen will not react.

What is the balanced symbol equation for hydrogen and oxygen?

Hydrogen + oxygen → water2H2 + O2 → 2H2ORemember to balance the equation

Write the word equations and chemical equation for the reactions of sodium with oxygen?

Word equation:sodium + oxygen => sodium oxideSymbol equation:4Na + O2 => 2Na2O

How many oxygen atoms are on each side of the equation?

Without an equation, there is no specific answer to this question. However, the number of oxygen atoms on both sides of an equation would be the same.

What is the balanced equation of ethane and oxygen?

Ethane and Oxygen make: Ethane + Oxygen = Carbon Monoxide and Water In a Balanced Symbol Equation: 4C2H6 + 12O2 = 6CO + 12H2O

What is the equation for fermentation?

oxygen+glucose=carbon dioxide +water(oxygen)

Word equation for sulfur and oxygen?

Sulphur+Oxygen= i dnt know !!

What is the word equation for potassium and oxygen?

Potassium + Oxygen = Potassium Oxide

What is the word equation for the reaction of magnesium with oxygen?

WORD EQUATION: Magnesium + Oxygen --> Magnesium oxide SYMBOLS: 2Mg + O2 --> 2MgO

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