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English does not usually distinguish between masculine and feminine of a role and originally the person chairing a meeting, regardless of sex, would have been called "The Chairman". (If one wanted to add gender one could say "Madam Chairman").

The sex equality movement has however complained that the use of "Chairman" is sexist and demanded that "Chairperson" be used as the generic role descriptor. Accompanying this there has also been a move to be specific about the sex of the incumbant of the role and it is now quite acceptable to use the terms:-

Masculine = Chairman

Feminine = Chairwoman

Language evolves!!

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The noun chairman is gender specific for a male; the noun chairwoman is gender specific for a female; the noun chair and chairperson are common gender nouns.

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Chairperson or chair are both acceptable.

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Q: What is the equivalent gender of chairman?
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opposite gender of chairman?


Do you use chair or chairperson?

Neither, actually. "Chairman" is completely acceptable as a gender-neutral title. The "man" component of the word "chairman" is not referring to the male gender, but rather to a human. Despite its seemingly politically incorrect nature, "chairman" is the grammatically correct term.

What is the feminine chairman?

Masculine and feminine refer to grammatical gender, and there is no grammatical gender in the English noun. Certain words specifically denote male or female persons, but chairman is not one of them. The -man (pronounced mun) in chairman is the same as the -man in woman. It certainly does not denote a male person.A female chairman is properly addressed as "Madame Chairman." There is a politically correct monstrosity with some currency among the ignorant, "chairwoman," but that word means "a woman who takes care of the chairs." Sometimes "Chair" is used alone, but again that is a genteelism, or a mistake made trying to avoid making a mistake.English used to have grammatical gender, but it had nothing to do with physical gender. The word "wife" was a neuter noun, not a feminine, for example. Grammatical gender is in the form of the word, and not its meaning.

What is the masculine of chairperson?

There is no gender to the term, male or female it is chairperson.

Is it correct to call someone a chairperson or chairwomen or is chairman the correct title?

The term "chairperson" is more inclusive and gender-neutral, so it is generally preferred over "chairman" or "chairwoman." It is appropriate to use "chairperson" to refer to the individual leading a meeting or organization, regardless of gender.

What is the difference between an ordinary agenda and a chairman's agenda?

What is the difference between and original a gender and a chairman agenda

What is the female word for chairman?

The female equivalent is chair woman.

What is the masculine gender for lass?

The masculine gender equivalent for "lass" is "lad."

What is the masculine gender of lass?

The masculine gender equivalent of "lass" is "lad."

What is the feminine form of chairman?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for a male or a female. The noun for a male is chairman; the noun for a female is chairwoman. However, the common gender form, chairperson, is becoming more frequently used.

What is the opposite gender of chairwoman?

There is no antonym for the noun 'chairperson'. Examples of synonyms are administrator, director, leader, etc.

What is a gender equivalent of a female for gentle man or gentleman?

The gender equivalent of a female for gentle man or gentleman has historically been a gentle woman or gentlewoman.