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A US women's size 8 is a European size 38 in dresses and suits. Measurements for this size is bust 35-inches, waist 27-inches, and hip 37-inches. A women's size 8 shoe in the US is a European size 6.

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What size is a 44 in womens clothes?

An ITALIAN size 44 is equivalent to a US 8 Well...I don't know...A European 44 is a US 14.

What is the European shoe size equivalent of US size 11?

A US shoe size 11 is the equivalent of a European size 45. Cheers...

What American size is European size 39?

Womens US 7, Mens US 8 1/2.

What American shoe size is European shoe size 35?

If you want to know what size a European 35 is in women's sizes, it's equivalent to a US size 5.

What is the European equivalent of a US ladies shoes size 6?

The European equivalent of a United States ladies size six shoe is thirty seven. In the United Kingdom a United States size six shoe would be a size four.

What is the UK equivalent of a size 8 dress in the US?

The UK equivalent of a size 8 dress in the US is size 12, size 40 European and size 12 Australian. These sizes are just guidelines, actual size will vary depending on designer and the type fabric used.

What is the American size for an Australian size 12 pants?

US Size 10 Womens.

What is the American size for European size 36?

A European size 36 is the same as a US size 5 :)

What would a shoe size 7 us size be in UK shoes?

A US size 7 womens is a size 4.5 UK and a US size 7 mens is a size 6.5 UK

What is the equivalent size in US for Philippines size 3 and 5?

equivalent size of 35 sandals in the US?

European size 40 pants are what size in us pants size?

size 7 in us it is.

What is US size for European size 38?

Size 8

Convert European child size 164 to US?

what size is 164 european in U.S.A

What is the waist measurement for a womens 34 waist?

US size 12, UK size 16

What is an European size 26?

A US Size 2

What is European size for US size L?


What size shoe does Kate Walsh wear?

US Womens 10

What is the US shoe size equivalent to Indian shoe size 8?

There is no US size shoe size of 42 for a man, woman, or child; that could be European.Indian shoe sizes are the same as UK. Thus;Womens 8 India is 10.5 US6 is 8.57 is 9.57.5 is 108.5 is 10.59 is 12 (Though this seems a large jump.)Mens8 is 9 US7 is 87.5 is 8.59 is 10.510 is 11.5

What American children's shoe size is European shoe size 24?

According to eBay guides European size 24 is equal to a US toddler size 8 shoe. A European size 25 would be equal to a toddler size 9 shoe. A European size 28 would equal US childrens size 11. A European size 32 would equal a childrens size 1.

What size is European jeans size 30?

Typically, a European size 30 is equivalent to a US size 10 in women's jeans. Of course it may also depend on the brand of jeans. Check to see if the size chart also has a European to US conversion table listed. It may also be a good idea to check consumer reviews to see if the brand runs large or small so you can adjust accordingly.

What is size 35 in woman shoes?

The U.S. equivalent to European shoe sizes is easy to determine. A size 35 is equivalent to a size 5, a size 35.5 is equivalent to a size 5.5 and so on. Here is a list below:European SizeUS Size35535.55.536636.56.537737.57.538838.58.539939.59.54010

What is shoe size 10 in European size?

In women's a size 10 women's US is a size 71/2 European women's. For men a size 10 men's US is about a size 91/2 men's.

What US size equals size 50 European?


What is European size 150?

US size 8

What is US shoe size equivalent of India Shoe size 8?

US shoe size equivalent of India Shoe size 8 is 8.5

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