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There are some essential items of gear to get started in the rock climbing sport or hobby. These would include climbing shoes and chalk in a chalk bag.

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Q: What is the essential rock climbing gear needed to get started?
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What equipment is essential for rock climbing?

Due to the dangerous nature of rock climbing there are several pieces of equipment that are essential. The first piece of equipment would be climbing shoes followed by a quality harness and rope. The type of climbing being done will dictate any other specialized pieces of gear.

What equipment is needed for climbing Mount Everest?

There is a lot of equipment needed to climb on Mount Everest. You can see a list of gear at the link provided.

What stores sell climbing gear?

You can find climbing gear at almost any good sports store such as ACME Climbing. I you need a list of retail stores that sell climbing gear you might try

Cost of mountain climbing gear?

It depends on the type of climbing gear you want and the brands that makes the climbing gear. There are brands such as Black Diamond that offer total package of climbing gear from helmet, carabiner, and climbing shoes. If you want to buy the complete climbing gear, it could cost you around $200 to $500 depending on the types of climbing gear and from the brands as well.

Where is it possible to buy apparels for mountain climbing?

Mountain climbing is a popular outdoor sport, especially in Europe. There are a few locations an individual may purchase mountain climbing apparel. Mountain Gear and Summit Post are two websites which sell gear for mountain climbing. Back Country and ProLite Gear also sell mountain climbing apparel and gear.

Where can one find the best Mountain Climbing Gear?

REI carries the best quality mountain climbing gear. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How do you get climbing gear in Mafia Wars?

You can buy climbing gear from Mafia inventory in Las Vegas. But it shows up after certain level (more than 125)

What is the focus of DPM Climbing?

The focus of DPM Climbing is to inform and encourage the rock climbing and bouldering community. Relevant events are highlighted, and there are articles about the advantages of climbing gear.

Why is the first gear best for climbing a steep hill?

for ambot.

Where can I buy professional climbing gear?

Professional climbing gear can be bought online at REI or Dicks or Eastern Mountain Sports or or These stores also sell equipment online.

Does a cat got climbing gear?

yes, claws and a balancing tail

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