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No one knows for sure, as Rush Limbaugh is not tied to a public company, and thus does not have to publish figures. This said, however, press releases and insider sources have been able to change a guess to "educated guess". Known revenue includes:

  • $285 million salary and bonus for 2001 through 2008 ($35m bonus, salary of approximately $31.25m/year)
  • $400 million salary and bonus from 2009 through 2016 ($100m plus bonus - the exact figure was not disclosed, except for "nine digit bonus" - and $38m/year salary)

So through his salary itself, he has earned $285 million for current work, $400 million for future. And that only covers back to 2001. Rush has been on the air since 1988. While he certainly earned less in his early days, it can be assumed his salary was significant. Additionally, it is rumored that he receives a share of advertising revenue, which would be quite large, considering his 20 million listeners each week.

Thus, in conclusion, Rush Limbaugh is close to, or just over the billionaire net worth mark. With at least $685 million, and advertising revenue joined with previous contracts which must be in the hundreds-of-millions range, Rush can be assumed an essential billionaire.

Click on thelinkbelow to find out information on Rush Laimbaugh's salary:

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Q: What is the estimated net worth of Rush Limbaugh?
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