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We have lots of ethnic groups in the Philippines, including indigenous and non-indigenous. The term Filipino is not really an "ethnicity" but an ethno-nationality. There are 174 ethno-linguistic groups in the Philippines. The three majority ethnic groups are the Tagalogs and Ilocanos and from Luzon and the Cebunaos from Visayas and Mindanao, the Cebuano ethnic group is part of the Visayan group, a large collection of ethnicities native to the islands of Visayas. Despite being Visayan, Cebuanos make up the majority in Mindanao which has upset the Moros and Lumads of Mindanao. Other ethnicities in the Visayan group are the Bikols and Waray-Warays.

The Moros are the Muslim natives of Mindanao and the Lumads are the non-Muslim natives of Mindanao. The Maguindanaoans, Maranaoans, Ilanuns, Yakans, Samals, Bajau and Tausug are part of the Moro group, they live in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago with a small minority living in southern Palawan. Some of the Lumads include the B'laan and T'boli people.

The Negritos include the indigenous black populations of the Philippines, this would include the Aeta people. They are descended from the earliest Austronesian migrants from Africa.