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What is the event in Pokemon platinum?

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There are a lot of events on Pokemon Platinum.

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as long as the event is still going on, there is a way. it involves getting the same "event gift" in Pokemon diamond/pearl and trading to Pokemon platinum.

arceus is an event pokemon.

Shaymin event or Shaymin cought in Pokemon Platinum

deoxys is an event pokemon. that event passed forever ago

There Will Be A Upcoming Pokemon Event And It Is About Jirachi.

there is no ho oh or lugia event in Pokemon platinum

Event Pokemon or Action Replay

Unless you cheat, or trade you cannot get the event Pokemon as they expired ages ago.

No. The Shaymin event (oaks letter) in Pokemon platinum is not shareable. ~Bellafuzz

you have to get the wi-fi event,finich it and transfer it to platinum

You can only get Arceus by an Event.

if you have the Nintendo event

In an upcoming Pokemon event Well ACTUALLY THERE WILL BE NO EVENT the only event will be on platinum. Which will be here really soon (seriously)

there is an event but so far they say its only in japan

Arceus is a special event pokemon. The only way to get it is to get it at a special event or to hack the game.

Some of the event Pokemon can be found in toys r us on the event dates.

I think you can get it from the Event Shaymin for D/P, and then trade to platinum

You get it in a Pokemon event this summer 2009.

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