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What is the evolution of man?

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Man has evolved from earlier hominins over a period of around 7 million years. The earliest known hominins in turn had the same ancestors as other primates, with which we share most of our DNA.
Sahelanthropus tchadensis, dated to around 7-6 million years ago, may be the earliest hominin species, thus our oldest human-like ancestors. Various other hominin species have been identified, and the consensus of scientists is that our species, Homo sapiens, is directly descended from Homo erectus.

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Discuss the evolution or man as a tool making being ? Discuss the evolution of man as a tool making being ?

Can the evolution of Man be traced in a continuous way?

Unfortunately, the evolution of man cannot be traced in a continuous way. This is why many people doubt that the theory of evolution is more than a theory. Scientific evidence does follow the evolution of man but there are gaps that are not explained.

What are the release dates for The Evolution of Man - 1920?

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Man is an ape. The evolution of one is the evolution of the other. Genetics in a particular immediate environment and reproductive isolation leads to the variences in two species that share very recent common ancestors.

Why evolution in any other species didnt happen after evolution of man?

There isnt any noticeable evolution,..jst the way apes changed to man,........y not other animals show any changes?

What is evolution based on science?

the becoming of man

Who descovered the evolution of man?

charles darwin

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evolution does not depend on what man thinks.; it does not really matter.

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evolution is the so called "theory", that is lived as a fact, that man has evovled from a bacteria to what we are today.

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Darwin and another man.

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Australoithecus is a stage in the evolution of man

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no he was a great man he is the reason we know our evolution junk

What would be the effect if the church accept the ideas of the scientist that man is product of evolution?

It depends. Some churches already believe that man is subject to evolution, but others strictly believe evolution is false and are unlikely to change their thoughts or beliefs at all

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Your mother has been very handy through evolution, even with your dad last night.

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Monkeys / apes or homosapiens

Who developed the theory evolution from ape to man?

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin evolution of man theory?

He came up with it.

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a man with the yellow hat

What has the author Henry Colley March written?

Henry Colley March has written: 'Darwinism and the evolution of man' -- subject(s): Evolution

What does the church teach about evolution?

The church teaches that the bible account of creation is a divinely inspired story of creation to explain to man and woman of the time, and is not in conflict with evolution, should evolution be true.