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Q: What is the explanation for the format for long reports?
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What are the parts of a five paragraph essay?

The format goes like this: Opening Reason,Explanation Reason,Explanation Reason,Explanation Closing

Do business reports us the inverted funnel format?

true (:

Do good business reports use the inverted funnel format?

true (:

What is the most common format for a report?

The most common format for a report is IMRAD: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion. Reports do not have to follow this format but this structure is standard.

Do all bound reports have to be double spaced?

For APA format, yes, they must be double spaced.

How short can an explanation be?

this long

How do you set up a formal report?

ALL formal reports follow the same classical organization and format.

What format are reports types in?

New Times Roman is the proper font size 12 double spaced.

What are informational reports?

Defination, The reports that offer data,facts, feedback and other types of information without analysis or recommendations Explanation, Informational Reports provide the information about that employees,managers and others that needs in order to make decisions and take action.

How do you write an explanation letter for late submission of reports?

Dear Sir Eric,the reason why i am late for submission of weekly repor

What format should one follow for one's physics experiment lab reports?

The format that should be used is the format that your physics professor has required you too use. If a professor in a physics class has not assigned a format for a lab report than one can assume that a precise well thought out paragraph will be sufficient.

Dare reports 2 pages long?


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