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The explosive force is the reaction of potassium with water liberating hydrogen.


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Depends on the moles of caesium but normally enough to shatter its container

Rubidium reacts violently (and does not explode,) to produce Rubidium Hydroxide and Hydrogen.

Francium is so unstable enough cannot be synthesised and stored long enough to react with water, but assuming that the trend down the group continues it will be even more explosive that Cesium

There are 2 types of forces. such- Contact forces and non contact forces. Tension force comes under contact force.

Ability to contact muscles with speed and force in one explosive act..

a force field is a magnetic cover that repels anything it comes contact with

The contact force will keep the ball moving but as the ball goes farther the ball slows down that's were the non contact force comes in it makes the ball not in contact

A spring force is a contact force not a non-contact force.

Force can be both contact or non-contact

The difference is the source of explosive energy, the temperature, and the reaction rate:atomic bomb, the explosive energy comes from the strong force nuclear binding energy, the temperature is millions of degrees, the reaction rate is on a scale of microsecondsTNT, the explosive energy comes from the electrostatic force of chemical bonds between valence band electrons, the temperature is thousands of degrees, the reaction rate is on the scale of milliseconds

Magnetic force is a non-contact force.

contact force is a force which will act when we have a contact to a object and in non contact force the object will change its state of motion without the contact of any thing

In physics, a contact force is a force that acts at the point of contact between two objects A contact force is a force applied to a body by another body that is in contact with it.

No. Electric force is not a contact force.

Electrostatic Force are non-contact force.

The buoyant force is a contact force, exerted by contact with a liquid that displaces the liquid within a gravity field. No contact, no force.

The force exerted by 2 objects in contact is called contact force. The force exerted by 2 objects without any contact is called non contact force

When the force and the object come in contact with each other. The force acting is called as contact force.

megaton (or megatonne)

Contact force gives you contacts with a force, non-contact force doesn't. did that help? I'm glad it did.

The English word Dynamite comes form the greek word Dunamis. Not only does Dunamis mean force but its such an extreme force that its almost explosive.... thus the dynamite :D But if you look at it from biblical terms, it means "mighty works"

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