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An "extraneous solution" is not a characteristic of an equation, but has to do with the methods used to solve it. Typically, if you square both sides of the equation, and solve the resulting equation, you might get additional solutions that are not part of the original equation. Just do this, and check each of the solutions, whether it satisfies the original equation. If one of them doesn't, it is an "extraneous" solution introduced by the squaring.

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What is the answer to 7w equals 84?

127w = 847w/7 = 84/7w = 12

What is the extraneous solution to w the square root of 7w?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by Answers.com means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", "squared".

Solve for 4w2-2 equals -7w?

4w - 2 = -7w11w - 2 = 011w = 2w = 2/11

What is the answer to solving for w 7w equals -217?

7w = -217Divide each side by 7:w = -31

How do you slove the polynomial 25y2-49w2?

25y2 - 49w2 = (5y)2 - (7w)2 = (5y - 7w)(5y + 7w)

How do you solve this trinomial 56w2 plus 17w-3?

56w2 + 17w - 3 = 56w2 + 24w - 7w - 3 = 8w(7w + 3) - 1(7w + 3) = (7w + 3)(8w - 1)

What is the answer to this algebra 1 problem -36 plus 2w equals -8w plus w?

-36 + 2w = -8w + w -36 + 2w = -7w -36 = -7w - 2w -36 = -9w w = -36/-9 = 4

What is 3w plus 4e plus 7w-3e?

3w + 4e + 7w - e3 = 10w - e

What is 4y plus 3w plus 4x plus 9y plus 7x-7w?

4y + 3w + 4x + 9y + 7x - 7w (combine like terms)-4w + 11x + 13y

How do you solve the equation 7w plus 2 equals 3w plus 94?

7w + 2 = 3w + 94 Subtract 3w from both sides: 4w + 2 = 94 Subtract 2 from both sides: 4w = 92 Divide both sides by 4: w = 23

What is the sum of 7w - 4w - 6w?

7w - 4w - 6w = (7 - 4 - 6)w = -3w

How solve 7w plus 4-3w equals 15?

7W + 4 - 3W = 15gather the w's together4W + 4 = 15subtract 4 from each side4W = 11divide each sides integers by 4W = 11/4================checks

What is 7 times its width?

Ill assume you mean for an are of a rectangle. w will stand for width. So you know the equation for a rectangle is L*W, so if length is 7W, then the area is 7W*W=Area or 7W^2

What is -2 over 7w equals 8?

Let's start with making the variables coefficient a positive number. This obtained by simply multiply the negative fraction by -1/1, which results in the same fraction just positive. However, what you do to one side you must always do to the other. -2/7w = 8 -1/1 x -2/7w = 8 x -1/1 = 2/7w = -8 Now we see that our variable is still attached to the coefficient by means of multiplication. We must perform the inverse operation to detach the variable. In our case, division will suffice. 2/7w ÷ 2/7 = -8 ÷ 2/7 1/w = -8 ÷ 2/7 1/w = -28 w = -1/28. Is it (-2 over 7)w or -2 over (7w)?

7W of the W?

7 wonders of the world

How do you solve 7w equals 42?

I understand this equation to be 7w = 42. The principle we use for solving equations like this one is that we can do the same thing to both sides of the equation and the equation will still be _true_. We want the 'w' by itself. This implies ridding the left side of the 7. We can turn it into a one (1) by dividing it by 7. But if we do that to the left side of the equation then we must also do that to the right side. 7w/7 = 42/7 1w = 6 or w = 6, the result.

What is an expression for the perimeter of a rectangle that has a length which is seven times its width?

Perimeter = length + length + width + width Let "w" = width, then "7w" must equal the length (because it's 7 times the width) 7w + 7w + w + w = perimeter 16w = perimeter

What is 4x plus 6y plus 3y plus 4w plus 6x-7w?

Let's see if I can answer this. 4X + 6Y + 3Y + 4W + 6X - 7W = (4 + 6)X + (6 + 3)Y + (4 - 7)W = 10X + 9Y - 3W

What does 7W of the AW mean?

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

What are the coordinates of 7W and 62N?

That point is in the Faroes, about 7.5 miles west of the center of Tórshavn.

Is it safe to use a 20W low-energy fluorescent bulb in a 40W fitting instead of the usual 7W equivalent?

Yes, you are still only using half the power as normal, the 7W would give you the equivalent light output and the 20W would give you more light.

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