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Basically, what percentage of the land lay fallow, or was not being cultivated. About halfway through the low middle ages, they changed from a two field system to a three field system. This improved gains by sixteen percent, allowing a increase in population.

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Q: What is the fallow system from the Middle Ages?
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The terms Masters apprentices and journeymen are mostly closely associated with the?

guild system of Europe in Middle Ages

What was rotation in the Middle Ages?

A field rotation system was a schedule for planting different crops so the same crop would not grow in the same field year after year. The early system used in the Middle Ages was the two field system, in which the field was tilled for a crop one year and allowed to recover the next. Later, the three field system was used, in which a field was tilled for one crop one year, tilled for a different crop the next year, and allowed to lie fallow to recover in the third. Fallow fields were used for grazing.

What a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

What is a feudal system?

A system of trading loyalties for protectionin the middle ages.

What are the three fields according to middle age?

During the middle ages a system of crop rotation was developed in which a field was used to plant one crop on year, another crop the next, and lay fallow the third year. This system allowed two thirds of the land to be in use for crops at any time. The previous system was a two crop system that only allowed half the fields to be in use for crops.

What is the Political and economic system of the middle ages?


What system of government was set up during the middle ages?

the manor system

What was the dominant political system in the middle ages was known as?


Who started the middle ages feudal system?

king William

How did the manor system of the middle ages work?

very carefully

What was China like in the middle ages?

The government form in China in the middle ages was Dynasties. They were NOT successful.

In medieval crop rotation did the fallow field have a grass or legume growing on it or was it empty?

The fallow field was allowed to grow whatever grew there, and was often used for grazing. Legumes were grown in the other fields, but in the Middle Ages, they did not have New World beans, and legumes were mostly peas and fava beans.