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The family name is Transition Metal. The group number is 12.


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The name of a group (family) is derived from the name of an element: lithium group (alkali metals), titanium group, chromium group, zinc group etc.

Transition metals Zinc group or group 12 Zinc, Cadmium, Mercury

zinc, cadmium, mercury, and copernicium. This is the group 12 family of elements, and is the final transition metal group

Mercury belongs to the zinc family.

mineral group for zinc

The mineral group for zinc is the rock/ mineral group.

It is in the 5a group or family

Mercury is a natural chemical element, metal, liquid, placed in group 12 (zinc group).

Group 12, Transition metals D-Block. Period 4.

zinc is a transition metal.

The element Cadmium (Cd) belongs to the Zinc family of elements, which is also part of the transition metals. According to the new IUPAC grouping system, the Zinc family is Group 12.

Cadmium is in 5th group of periodic table, it is a 'd' block element of Zinc family.

Zinc is a transition metal.

Carbon is in group 14, which is the carbon family.

The family name is 2A or IIA.(Answer Improvement) 2A is really the same thing as group 2 above in the question. The family name for this group is "alkaline earth metals".

No. Indium is in group 13 on the periodic table of the elements. This family (or group) is called the Boron Group.

Zinc is in the -------- group

The group name is halogen family. It belongs to group-17.

Zinc is known as a Transition Metal.

No, xenon is an element in group/family 18, the group of noble gases.

Group number 18, noble gas family

Group 0: See Group 18. Group 1: The alkali metals or Lithium family Group 2: The alkaline earth metals or Beryllium family Group 3: The Scandium family Group 4: The Titanium family Group 5: The Vanadium family Group 6: The Chromium family Group 7: The Manganese family Group 8: The Iron family Group 9: The Cobalt family Group 10: The Nickel family Group 11: The Copper family Group 12: The Zinc family Group 13: The Boron family Group 14: The Carbon family Group 15: The Pnictogens or Nitrogen family Group 16: The Chalcogens or Oxygen family Group 17: The Halogens or Fluorine family Group 18: The Noble Gases alkali metals, alikine earth metals, transition elements(catalysts), boron family, carbon family, pricogens, chalcogens, halogens, noble gases, lanthanid series, actinide series, and hydrogen is alone.

If your referring to the family, its the Canidae family.

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