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It's called the Blarney Stone

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Q: What is the famous Irish stone?
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Famous Irish landmarks?

Blarney Stone, Spire, Giants Causeway, River Shannon.

Irish word for stone?

the Irish word for stone is cloch (pronounced cluck) plural, clocha

What is the Irish for stone?

In Irish it's "cloch"cloch

Is stone name Irish?


Which Irish stone should you kiss to get the Gift of the Gab?

The Blarney Stone.

What is one of the famous Irish dancing?

Michael Flatley from America is a very famous Irish Dancer.

Name three famous Irish drinks?

three Irish drinks are Guinness,Irish coffee, Irish rum

Is James Joyce Irish?

James Joyce was a famous Irish author.

Who is the one of the first Irish woman to appear on RTE and is married to a very famous Irish broadcaster Irish woman married to a very famous Irish broadcaster?

Kathleen Watkins who is married to Gay Byrne.

Irish coronation stone?

Check out "Lia Fáil".

What instrument is on oldest Irish stone carvings?


What does orlagh mean in Irish?

golden gem stone

Irelands famous food?

Ireland is famous for Irish Stew.

What is the Irish for famous?


Who is one famous Irish immigrant from your country and what is or she famous for?

JFK-President of the USA John Fredrick Kennedy wasn't an Irish immigrant.

Most famous Irish poet?

There are many famous Irish poets. To pick one you could say William Butler Yeats.

Famous Irish dancers?

Michael Flatley is an Irish dancer who is famous for performing in the Riverdance show. Other famous dancers include John Carey and Jean Butler.

What is the culture of Dingle Ireland?

It has a strong Irish culture. It is famous for Irish music and dance and the use of the Irish language.

What is the name of a famous stone in Ireland?

blarney stone

What is a Name of famous stone in Ireland?

Blarney stone

What famous stone was in the center of Tenochtitlan?

Calender stone

What is the average weight of a Irish man?

around 11 stone

Which Irish rock is kissed for good luck?

The Blarney Stone

What are traditional foods in Ireland?

A very famous Irish dish is the Irish stew that consists of meat. Another famous Irish dish is bacon and cabbage, boxty, coddle, soda bread and colcannon!

Are Irish cricket matches televised?

No Irish cricket matches are not televised and its not famous too.