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Not sure what you mean. The fan is very small and spins to blow air across a heat sink that is attached to the processor. It isn't attached to anything but itself and the housing that screws to the motherboard or case.

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Q: What is the fan connected to inside a laptop?
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How big is a laptop fan?

It depends on which type of laptop fan you are asking about. There is a an internal fan inside your laptop which is very small anywhere from two to one-inch in diameter. There are external fans you can buy to place under the laptop to dissipate heat radiating from the shell. These are much larger with more throughput of air.

What is the smallish electrical connected ceramic block with a metal cover with a coil of wire inside ones near the battery and another near the radiator cooling fan called?

it is a fan resister which adjusts the cars fan speed inside

Computer has to get connected?

offcors, because a computer is connected to the wall or elictricity but a laptop can even dow a laptop have to be connected to a wire it's the charge!

Where is the CPU in a computer?

It's located on the motherboard inside the computer tower (or inside the laptop). The CPU is located under the heatsink that nearly allways has a fan on top of it!

What are the main purpose of laptop fans?

There is one major purpose of a laptop fan. The purpose of a laptop fan is to keep the temperature of a laptop as low as possible or else the laptop will overheat and be damaged.

What are the difference between laptop and computer?

a laptop is a portable computer not connected to a mane power source .a computer is bigger and connected to a plug also the keyboard is directly on the laptop and not on the computer (it is connected by a wire ) this is the same with the mouse

Do you have to have a fan on your laptop if it has a fan built in?

It is upto your choice to have a fan in addition to built in fan.

How do you use usb fan to cool laptop?

You need to place the USB fan cooler beneath your laptop and connect it to one of the ports for it to cool your laptop.

Where is the on switch for a del laptop?

Inside a laptop

Could your laptop fan melt?

Dell's latest BIOS for your laptop features an improvement which keeps your laptop quieter, longer. They do this by raising the temperature at which your laptop must get to before the fan turns on. It may seem like your fan never turns on, but the truth of the matter is your BIOS is telling your fan not to turn on because it simply is not hot enough yet. Rest assured, when your laptop gets too hot the fan will kick on.

Why is the fan on your laptop always working?

So the laptop doesn't overheat.

Are laptops meant to blow out hot air or cold air on your fan?

Hot air because it is blow out the hot air from the inside of the laptop.

What is the fan is connected to on a Chevy s-10 motor?

what is the bracket that the fan is connected to on a Chevy 2.2

How is an iPad microprocessor differ from a laptop processor?

one is inside a laptop, the other is inside an iPad

Can a printer be connected to a laptop and be used?


What is inside of a laptop?


What is the average battery life of a Toshiba laptop?

It depends on the usage of a battery connected to the laptop.... you can use power cable directly connected without battery as well to. And do not use power cable continuesly connected with battery...

Does a laptop is a simple machine?

The products inside the laptop is a simple machine. But the laptop is not a simple machine.

Why does the fan on your laptop stay on all the time?

Because it's removing the heat build up of the microchips inside. The fan should always be running - at times when an extra cooling 'boost' is needed - the fan will speed up - then go back to a 'working' state.

Where is the radiator fan motor located?

The fan blade would be connected to it.

Is the fan connected to the water pump?


What should you use to clean out the inside of a laptop?

Aerosol spray, and a cloth. The INSIDE? Nothing. don't open it up or you'll likely break it. If it has a fan that appears to be clogged with dust, take it to an experienced service person.

The easyest way of cleaning the fan on your laptop?

take that fan out and then clean it. ( then put it back in)

How do you cool down at hot laptop?

You have to buy an electric computer fan to fan the bottom.

How do laptop cooling fans work?

Laptop cooling fans works to keep the laptop cool so that the laptop will not overheat. The laptop cooling fan plugs into the motherboard and get its power from the motherboard.