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What is the fastest and best roller coaster in the world?

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* In Germany there is a new roller coaster and it's will be open on 2010. It's speed was 135 mph. * The ringºracer. It's 135 mph. * The ringºracer uses air-powered launch to accelerate from 0 to 134.8 mph in 2.5 seconds. It's located in Nurburg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. * The Momba, In Kansas City Missouri. It goes up to 75mph. * The worlds Fastest is the kingda ka

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What is the best roller coaster in the world?

the answer is kingda ka

What is the best roller coaster at Hershey Park?

I think Skyrush is because it is the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the park

What is the best roller coaster?

People are going to have different opinions on what the best roller coaster is. Most people agree that the best roller coasters are the ones that go the fastest. Kingda Ka is located in New Jersey and reaches 128 mph. The Top Thrill Dragster is located at Cedar Point in Ohio and reaches 120 mph.

Does the bizzaro roller coaster have loops?

No, but it has really big drops and is probably the best roller-coaster I have ever been on.

What is the best upside down begginer roller coaster?

The Demon in Great America, California. (that was my beginner roller coaster)

What is the world's best roller coaster?


Which RollerCoaster Tycoon is the best?

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum Edition Obviously Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Which roller coaster is the best at worlds of fun?

the patriot

What is the best thing to make a roller coaster out of?


What is the best thing to build in Minecraft?

A roller coaster!

Who host rock and roller coaster?

If it is the one at MGM Studios in Walt Disney World, it is Aerosmith. The best band in the world...

What is the best roller coaster at cedar point?

Millennium Force

What is the best material to make a roller coaster out of?

kenex or legos

Is it safe to ride a roller coaster at 10 weeks pregnant?

It is best to wait after you have the baby. Bumping your tummy while on the roller coaster could harm the baby.

What is the best as in the funnest roller coaster in the United States and where is it?

The #1 Steel coaster in the world is Millennium force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, According to the 2011 Golden Ticket Awards. The #1 Wooden roller coaster is The Voyage at Holiday Park, in Santa Clause, Indiana

What is the best roller coaster at Busch Gardens wiliiamsburg?

Apollo's charriott!

Where can you get the best roller coaster game?

Best game is here :When_is_virtual_villagers_4_coming_out

Where should you sit on the roller coaster to get the best ride?

The front row is always the best spot

Where can you buy roller coaster tycoon?

Probably at Walmart Best buy or Amazon

What is the best roller coaster ever?

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

Where is the best place to sit on a roller coaster?

The front seat gives the scariest views.

What is the best roller coaster in Florida?

Rip ride rocket- universal Manta-seaworld

You are on Roller Coaster Tycoon by best of infogrames and you cant load your game What is wrong?

please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the biggest wooden roller-coaster in Europe in Spain?

No, the biggest in Europe is "Megafobia" at Oakwood Theme Park in Wales. It is also voted on , one of the best wooden roller-coasters in the world.

What are the top 50 roller coasters in the world?

That I'm invalid question as the answer would have to be based on opinion. Although what I have rode, Millenium Force at Cedar Point is the best roller coaster I have ever ridden.

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