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The World Record for a 1/24 scale slot car, on a 155' "King Track" road course (the accepted standard track for establishing 1/24 scale World Records), is 1.404 seconds by Paul "Beuf" Pedersen of Meridian Idaho on 03/03/2007 at Buena Park Raceway in Buena Park California.

155' in 1.404 seconds translates to over 75 actual miles per hour average speed.

In 1/24 scale that would translate to over 1,800 scale miles per hour!

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There are a number of very fast Team Associated RC car's but the fastest is not clear. There are races that take place but they have different winners. Some of their faster cars include the 'TC 6.1', 'RC 8.2' and the 'NTC3'.

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Currently there are no rocket cars,but the worlds' fastest jet car[land vehicle] is THRUST SSC.

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it can go about 200 kph

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Q: What is the fastest team associated RC car?
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