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What is the fastest wasp or hornet?

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All wasps are generally faster than hornets. However, wasps are seen as being a little bit weaker than hornets.

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Hornet, but a hornet is a wasp too.

it is a a type of wasp.

Yes, wasp and hornet sprays will also kill bumblebees. You can find wasp and hornet spray at retail stores such as Walmart or Target.

Yes it is faster than a hornet.

A hornet is stronger. Hope this answered the question :)

A hornet because of its larger size

A yellow jacket is a wasp and is always yellow and black. A hornet is a large wasp and is always yellow and brown. The Bald faced Hornet found in the USA is actually a wasp and is black and white.

Social wasp, such as the hornet, have a queen that starts the hive. Solitary wasp, however, do not have a queen

its basically a bigger and meaner wasp

A bald-faced-hornet or the great black wasp.

A black wasp is considered a hornet while a yellow wasp is often called a yellow-jacket.

hornet wasp and worker

Australia has its own species of hornet aptly called the Australian hornet. The Australian hornet is a subspecies of the potter wasp.

I would guess it to be a hornet.

They are the largest of the eusocial wasps.

depends on whos allergic to what

You're looking for the word hornet.

A brown bee is a hornet or wasp that is the color brown>

The stinger is on the back end of the bee, wasp, or hornet.

A hornet is a type of wasp that is native to Europe, Asia and Africa. The name hornet has six letters.