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What is the fax number for a Dell printer?


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A fax number is the number of the phone line you have connected to the fax machine. An example would (968) 273-3862.

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If you connect your printer/fax combination machine to your phone line, yes, it would be your home number. Which means people that call your house will get the fax machine.

Yes, a wireless "all-in-one" printer can send a fax. Note that the fax printer will need to be connected to a telephone line; only the transmission from your computer to the fax printer is wireless.

It can be if you have a 4 in printer with fax, but if it just a fax machine it not a printer, Most of the old fax machine only linked to the phone and not to a pc.

Are you seeking out Dell Printer Tech Support Phone Number toll free, here is the number 1-877- 778 -8969 on which make a call and we will assist you and deal with your issue on Dell Printer 24/7 in a week remotely. Feel free when you reach us on our number.

The latest printer for Dell is Dell 1320c Network Color Laser Printer.

no, it does not have fax capability

no each dell printer is a model of its own and with that each has a cartrige number that has to be the right one for the model of the printer in order for it to print or work at all

You should only use a Dell cartridge with a Dell printer.

Make sure you installed properly your all in 1 printer/fax machine. Then use Microsoft fax utility.

A Dell printer is compatible with computers not purchased from Dell. Each printer requires a different system requirement. For example, it would be hard to use a modern Dell printer with a computer made before 1995 because of the lack of USB ports.

I have a Dell with an HP Printer, and it works great, I've had no problems at all, so yes, a HP printer can work a Dell computer.

Best Buy does sell in for a number of dell printer. They sell ink for other printer manufacturer as well. You can get the manufacturer ink at higher cost or a generic one at lower cost.

If the printer has a fax feature and is hooked up to a phone line, yes it can. If it doesn't, no it can't.

The best rated printer for a new Dell desktop would be the Dell B3460dn Mono Laser Printer. The printer has a 2-year basic limited warranty and costs $800.

You sure can, just turn on your fax machine, have you email ready, print it off from your printer and go to the fax machine and enter the phone number.

No you can not use Dell ink with other printers as the printer ink cartridges are made specifically for Dell and there are different cartridges for different printer models.

Find discount prices on genuine IBM printer ink, laser printer toner & ink cartridges for your IBM inkjet or laser printer and copier or fax. Get free shipping on all orders over $100!

The easiest way to receive a fax is to plug a fax machine, or a fax-capable computer printer, to your telephone line and have the sending party send you the fax. However, there are also online fax services, including many that will give you a free fax number for incoming faxes. The sender sends the fax normally to your fax number, which then sends it to you as an e-mail attachment.

Go into the Web UI of the Dell printer, head to "Printer Settings" and uncheck Telnet.

Any USB printer will be easy to install and use on your Dell computer.

Cannon makes a fax, printer, scanner combo that prints out the best photos.

You can find out what ink cartridges your dell printer uses by opening up the printer and checking to see what cartridges are already installed on the printer.

To determine what ink a Dell printer uses one needs to figure out what model their printer is. This can be done by looking for the series or model number at the back or under the printer. This model number can be used to buy the right ink at third-party stores. Dell sell their own ink and offers a ink guide on their website along with their own ink distribution and webshop.

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