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Q: What is the feading time of the baleen whale?
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Is a humpback whale and a baleen whale the same thing?

Well, basically. A humpback whale is a baleen whale, but there are many kinds of baleen whales. A baleen whale is not necessarily a baleen whale.

Is blue whale a toothed whale or a baleen whale?

a baleen whale

Is a blue whale a baleen whale?

Yes, it is a baleen whale.

Is the humpback whale a baleen whale or a toothed whale?

The Humpback whale is a baleen.

Is a fin whale baleen or toothed?

A fin whale is a baleen whale.

What adapitve features does the baleen whale have?

yes it is a baleen whale

What is a baleen?

A baleen is another term for a baleen whale, or the bony material which makes up the plates in the mouth of the baleen whale.

Are Baleen whales and Blue whales the same?

Definition for Baleen Whale: Any whale that has baleen or is a odontocetes whale.So, they are not technically same thing, but a blue whale is a type of baleen or odontocetes whale. This is because other whales have baleen, such as the Right Whale.

Is the rorqual a baleen or toothed whale?

It is a baleen whale of the family Balaenopteridae, which includes the blue whale.

Is a blue whale baleen or toothed?


What does a baleen whale eat?

A baleen whale eats tiny sea life.

What is a whale skeleton made up?

A baleen whale skeleton is made up of baleen.

What group is a humpback whale in baleen or toothed?


What is the type of the humpback whale?

baleen whale

Is the humpback whale a baleen whale?


What is whale baleen?

back bone of a whale

Is a fin whale a toothed whale or a baleen whale?

The fin whale is a rorqual whale, the same family as the blue whale. It feeds by filtering krill trough huge plates of a horny substance called baleen. So yes, it is a baleen whale.

Are Right whales toothed whales?

No, they are baleen whale and have the second longest baleen in the whale history.

What kind of whale is the blue whale?

A baleen whale; one with baleen plates (for filtering food from the sea) instead of teeth.

Is the killer whale a toothed whale or a baleen whale?


Is the white whale a baleen or toothed whale?

Toothed whale.

Is a bottlenose a toothed whale or baleen whale?

Toothed whale

Where are Baleen whale from?

from the desert

Is a bow head whale baleen or toothed?

The Bowhead Whale is a baleen whale. A quick way to tell is to check the scientific name, Balaena mysticetus. Balaena indicates that it is considered a baleen whale. Baleen whales have a number of identifying characteristics but the key is baleen plates instead of teeth. Bowheads use their baleen to filter their food.

Is a bowhead whale a baleen or a toothed?

I believe it is an Arctic baleen.