What is the fear of someone loving you called?


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Philophobia, Erotophobia

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The fear of someone watching you is called Anatidaephobia.

A phobiaphobia is a fear of phobias. And that is true!

It doesn't have an official name, but loving cheese is Tyrosemiophilia, so I'd assume the fear of cheese is Tyrosemiophobia.

The cast of No Fear for Loving - 1994 includes: Amy Kwok

There is no official phobia for a fear of disappointing someone or being disappointed. However, the fear of failure is called atychiphobia.

There is not a phobia name for someone who fears ladders. The fear of heights is called acrophobia and that would most likely be why someone would fear a ladder.

Phagophobia. i do believe is what that is called.

There are two different words for someone who does not feel fear. People who are fearless are called non- fear phobia and non- exit- phobia.

The fear of bugs is called entomophobia. This can include the fear of bees, but not the fear of spiders, as spiders are not really bugs.

If you're talking about scammed into loving the person, that is manipulation.

ammidyphobia ammidyphobia-fear of someone you truly loved leaving your side.

The fear of height is called acrophobia.

Fear of travel: An irrational and unreasonable fear of travel is called agoraphobia.

Yes. It's called missing someone or something, or the fear of missing someone or something.

Number 1 answer for this question: FEAR OF INTIMACY! People who have been badly hurt or heartbroken and just aren't ready to love again develop severe fear of intimacy. They need counseling.

"Hydro" means water and "phobic" means "to fear." So the fat-loving side doesn't like water and will want to interact with fat.

The difference between patient loving and loving patience is that one of them is dealing with love, and the other is with patience. Patient loving means that someone is slow and patient in the way that they fall in love with someone, and loving patience means that someone has a love of patience, and likes being patient with people.

stop loving him and find someone else

If you are loving someone who doesn't love you back, you need to get out of the relationship and look for someone who will love you.

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