What is the female literacy level in China?

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I am a Chinese college student.
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What is literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read and write. In modern context, the word means reading and writing in a level adequate for written communication and generally a level that enables one to successfully function at certain levels of a society.. Numeracy is the ability to count and do arithmetic.

Whats average hydration level for females?

Females, in order to stay hydrated, need to drink a minimum of 64ounces of water per day. If they are on the heavier side, theyshould drink half their body weight in ounces every day.

What is the literacy rate in China?

93% the literacy rate of China is 82%. but it wasn't always this high! prior to 1999 only 20% of Chinese were literate!

Literacy rate of china?

92.2% of Chinese 15 years old and up can read and write. 96% of males are literate and 88.5% of females are literate.

What is Education level of China?

The national education in China starts at the age of 6. Children goto elementary schools for six years. Then they go to middle schoolsand then high school, each for three years. This 12-year period iscompulsory and mostly free. College and university study last for 4years and postgraduate education ( Full Answer )

What are the education and literacy levels of China?

Currently, 91 percent of the country has instituted compulsory primary education, with nearly 99 percent of school-age children are enrolled in schools. According to the latest statistics, by the end of 1998 there were 1,022 universities and colleges in China, with 3.41 million students, of which 1. ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy level in the Philippines?

Nationwide, the percentage of pupils mastering reading/writingincreased from 59.0% in 1995 to 61.6% in 1998. Males and femaleshad essentially the same rate of increase between 1995 and 1998),but the percentage of females (64.4% in 1995 and 66.9% in 1998) wasgreater than that of the males (53.4% in 1 ( Full Answer )

Why do countries like japan and china have lower levels of obesity?

Because their food doesn't have a lot of the same crap America's food has in it. Also probably because they don't sit around as much as Americans doing things such as watching T.V., facebooking, etc. They also like to eat healthier things as a majority in their diet, such as fish, veggies, rice, etc ( Full Answer )

Name of the 3 levels of government in China?

In China there are three levels of government: • Local; • Provincial; and • Federal. Each level of government: • holds elections; • makes laws for citizens; • is responsible for providing public goods and services; and • punishes those who break ( Full Answer )

What the level of HCG in non pregnant female?

A normal woman may carry trace amounts of HCG in her system. I, for example, carry about .1 units. This is not near enough to consider pregnant. Some women can carry up to 5 units in her system and not be pregnant. After 5 units, though, they will monitor to see if your levels rise, because it is us ( Full Answer )

Did China ever kill female babies?

China enforces a one-child policy, and has done so for many years. When a woman has more then one child she is dragged to an abortion clinic wether she likes it or not and they will abort a child at any time during pregnancy. This means that if you want a boy, which is very important to the Chinese ( Full Answer )

Why do females have have higher literacy rates than males?

It depends on what population you are talking about. Are you talking about just in America or the entire World? In the entire World, I would assume that men have a higher literacy because in undeveloped nations, parents are less likely to send their daughters for schooling.

Who was the first female emperor in China?

Wu Zetian, born in 625 in Tang Dynisty, created Wu Dynisty in 690, she is the ONLY female emperor in China. Few others ruled but not claimed to be Emperor.

Was there ever a female emperor of china?

Yes, her name is Wu Zetian. "She was the only woman in the history of China to assume the title of Empress Regnant. As de facto ruler of China first through her husband and her sons from 665 to 690, not unprecedented in Chinese history, she then broke all precedents when she founded her own dynasty ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate for china in 2009?

The average life expectancy is about 90.9 we are doing a research progect about chia and this jus happened to be one it: ) Go OPJh Wildcat. The average life expectancy is about 90.9 we are doing a research progect about chia and this jus happened to be one it: ) Go OPJh Wildcat

Why is the percentage of male literacy higher than female literacy in Kenya?

People always look at things as if boys are smarter, and more capable of learning than girls. Also, it may have to do with they don't have clean, proper schools in Kenya. People typically think that boys know everything, well, THAT IS SOOOOO NOT TRUE!! ~From a 12 yr old GIRL

Did china kill female daughter when born?

Girls that were conceived into families that currently had adaughter, would experience a high probability of being aborted ordying in early childhood. In China, parents are only allowed tohave two children maximum.

Is basic literacy and numeracy skills equivalent to Level 2?

Basic Skills are qualifications designed to help learners improve their literacy, language and numeracy skills and are available from ASDAN at Levels 1 and 2. They are Skills for Life and include Adult Literacy and Adult Numeracy (sometimes known as ALAN).. The Basic Skills of Literacy and Numera ( Full Answer )

Why the male hemoglobin level is different from female?

Hemoglobin is present in blood and carries oxygen to all parts of the body; males have high testosterone levels which are a very potent anabolic... due to these anabolic effects the hemoglobin levels are higher then females.

Causes of low literacy rate among the females of Pakistan?

There is a total lack of respect for women in their culture--maybe not in what they say, but in what they do. If a women is only there to serve you and give birth, why would they care if she can read? So a lot of people don't invest in their daughter or wife's education, and no one learns to read.

Was there a female president of china?

Somewhat, Soong Ch'ing-ling was the Chairman of China from 1976 July 6 to 1978 March 5, and then Honorary President of China from May 16 to May 28 in 1981.

What effect can high testosterone levels in females have?

High testosterone levels in women cause many of the same effects it causes in men. One problem with testosterone levels in women is what is normal in one woman is not in another. Testosterone can be used by women with a low libido, to help get the urge for sex back. But if too much testosterone is t ( Full Answer )

Why is their more male then females in china?

In China, females are considered inferior and useless. Since Chinese can only have 2 children, many baby girls are killed at birth because could not got to school a long time ago.

Normal level of fsh in female?

That varies greatly depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle and/ or menopausal status.

What is IT literacy?

Information technology literacy is the full form of IT literacy. It implies that you should know the basic knowledge of modern technology as well as know how to use it. For example knowing how to use a computer is a simple IT literacy.

How do you beat civiballs china level 10?

Drop the big silver ball up by the red first. Then you wait for the wedge to stop wiggling. Then drop the wedge. Then let the swinging green ball fall towards the yellow. If you get lucky the green balls will both go it the vase. If they don't, drop the yellow ball, and then the other big silver one ( Full Answer )

How do you beat level 9 in china civiballs?

1. Drop the silver ball closest to the red ball on the right. . 2. Once the red ball gets a little up the hill, drop the silver ball nearest to that same red ball. 3. Drop the only silver ball left to the left. 4. Break the chain above the green ball. . 5. When the green ball hove ( Full Answer )

How do you defeat level 10 on civilballs in china?

cut the chain holding the big grey gall that is above the red vase. cut the chain holding the green ball. cut the chain holding the board thingy. cut the chain holding the big grey ball. cut the chain holding the last grey ball. cut the chain holding the yellow ball.

How do you beat civilballs level 6 in china?

First you drop the yellow ball. Then you drop the red ball. Wait for it to stop and then fling it. Then you Drop the green ball so it will go into it's cup. Now you have beat it.

What level is the literacy rate in Europe?

Here are the number of countries representing each literacy rate (rounded to integers): . 100%: 7 . 99%: 21 . 98%: 3 . 97%: 3 . 96%: 1 . 95%: 1 . 92%: 1 . 89%: 1 . Unknown: 8

What elevation levels might be unsuitable for human settlements in china?

People are not able to get enough oxygen at really high altitudes so the North China Plain is a prime place to settle. It is at the lowest elevation in China, making it a perfect place for human settlements. Also, since it is on the coast and is bordered by the Chang Jiang River and the Huang He Riv ( Full Answer )

How can ICT be innovatively in the absence of minimum literacy level among the poor?

Information and communication technology (ICT) can be used innovatively in the absence of minimum literacy level among the poor in the following ways: . Video and graphics can be used to provide information at multiple access points for those with limited skills and literacy . Access to computers ( Full Answer )

What is the literacy rate of males and females in Pakistan?

literacy rate for males is 70% and for females it is 57.4%, with a growing trend in females from rural areas to study and get higher education. literacy rate in Pakistan has fairly increased over the past years along with its growing economy and reduction in poverty.

Why are air pollution levels so bad in Shanghai China?

The air pollution levels in Shanghai, China are bad due to the extreme population of the area. There is a lot of industry and unfortunately they do not have the proper laws in place to avoid causing extreme pollution levels.