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There actually isn't a 5th book to the Twilight saga however, there is a book Midnight Sun which is a book from Edwards point of view. Although, rumors have been spread about it not coming out at all or for a while. As Stephenie (author) says that somehow some of the book got leaked onto the internet. She also believes that it's right to wait a while before letting it out in stores.

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The fifth book in the Twilight series is called "Breaking Dawn."

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Q: What is the fifth twilight book called?
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Will there be a fifth twilight series?

There will be a fifth book.

What is the fifth book from twilght calleds?

I dont think there is a 5th twilight book. The last Twilight book is called "Breaking Dawn"! Stephinie Meyer has also wrote a book called "The Host" its a good book too!!

What is the name of the 5th twilight book?

There is no fifth twilight book... But Stephanie Meyer did write a novelette to acompany the series called "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" and she has also written a book called "The Host." A

What is the fifth book in the twilight series called?

There are only four books in the Twilight Series. It goes: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

What happens in the fifth book of twilight series?

there is no "fifth book", well there is, but its the first book "twilight" in Edwards point of view, so nothing new really happens

How would you know when the fifth book of twilight comes out?

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When will the fifth book of twilight come out?

It's not even sure IF it's going to come out - see question 'How would I see when the fifth book of twilight would come out?'

Is Stephany Meyer going to write a fifth twilight bookk?

There isn't going to be a fifth book going on into Nessie's life or whatever, but there will be a fifth book called Midnight Sun. It's Twilight from Edward's point of view. It has been postponed though, because someone leaked the first 12 chapters out to the public.

When will the fifth twilight book come out?

Stephenie Meyer has started to improvise a book called "Midnight Sun", and the first chapter is on her fan page. It is the book "Twilight" through Edward's eyes. She is still writing it, so when it will be finished is unknown.

Is the fifth book of The Twilight Saga finished?

No it's not finished

Is there a fifth book of the twilight seires?

No, their is not, but Stephanie Meyer is working in "The Midnight Sun" which is twilight, in Edward Cullen's point of view. Yes. There is going to be a fifth book and it's title is "Midnight Sun". The book is Twilight from Edward's propspective. There is no release dates yet.

What is the first Twilight book called?

The first book is just Twilight."Twilight" is the first book in the Twilight series.