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Suggest getting a Manual from someplace.


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Q: What is the firing order for a 75 hp Chrysler boat motor?
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Did Chrysler make outboard motors into the 1990's?

No, Chrysler sold it boat motor companies in 1984No, Chrysler sold it boat motor companies in 1984

What is the firing order on a mercury 115 1980 boat motor?

We recently bought this boat. Does not want to start. We need to find out how does the firing order works. The 3 carburetor also pours out fuel. I don't know why ? Can somebody just help....?

What is the firing order for a 1985 4 cylinder 3.0 liter gm motor out of a sidewinder boat?

Firing order: Industrial GM 3.0 inline 4: 1

How much power in a 75 Chrysler boat motor?

75 hp

How do you time a 75HP Chrysler outboard boat motor?

Jew Jew

You are hunting from a small boat What should you do before firing a shot?

Stop the boat and turn off the motor. Anchor or secure the boat

What is the weight of a 70 hp Chrysler boat motor?

245 pounds dry

What is the proper oil gas mixture for a 1979 Chrysler 45 HP boat motor?

I always use a 24:1 in all my Chrysler engines.

What year is your Chrysler 120 hp outboard boat motor.....model number is 1207 HD?


How do you open engine cover on a Chrysler 691cc boat motor?

There is a switch or lever under the front part of the motor it will be right between the steering links under the bottom front of the mounts My 45hp / 691cc has a lever under the front right of the motor cover facing the back of the boat.

What is the firing order for a 1989 Bay Liner Capri boat with a ford 5.0 liter engine?

O.E.M. Firing order is 1 3 7 2 6 5 4 8.

What is the length of a motor boat?

The length of a motor boat is not restricted

What is the firing order of a 504 Cummins engine?

Trick Question - There is no Firing ORder since its a Diesel Engine! Ha! Actually the firing order is 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2 for a right hand rotation engine. All engines have a firing order, diesels fire from compression versus spark for gasoline/propane and the like if there's no firing order, the engine will be as useful as a boat anchor.

What horsepower is a 691cc Chrysler boat motor?

45 horse power for the 691cc 2 stroke

When did Motor Boat Cruise end?

Motor Boat Cruise ended in 1993.

When was Motor Boat Cruise created?

Motor Boat Cruise was created in 1957.

How do you replace an inboard Motor in a boat?

My boat is a 1996 Four Winns Jet boat, and I am replacing a freeze break motor.

Does the 1977 75hp Chrysler outboard motor run on just gasoline?

I just bought a boat witha 76 Chrysler 75 HP motor. It uses a 32:1 oil/gas mix. Runs great but right now it shuts down when I put it in forward or reverse. Searching for help in the "why" of this.

What should you do before firing a shot from a small boat?


Mercury boat motor 150hp schematic?

how to take cover off 1979 mercury boat motor

If a boat weighs 1500 pounds more than its motor and 1900 pounds more than its trailer together the boat and the motor weigh five times as much as the trailer how much does the boat weigh?

From the question:Boat = Motor + 1500 so Boat - 1500 = MotorBoat = Trailer + 1900 so Boat - 1900 = TrailerBoat + Motor = 5 TrailersSteps:Boat + (Boat - 1500) = 5 (Boat - 1900)2 Boats - 1500 = 5 Boats - 95009500 - 1500 = 5 Boats - 2 Boats8000 = 3 Boats8000/3 = Boat2666 2/3 lbs = 1 Boat

Where do you find the vin on a boat motor?

where do you find the vin on a boat

Where are the model numbers on a boat motor?

british boat motors

How do you get from Florida to Puerto Rico by boat?

get in your boat, turn the motor on

What does the stern of A BOAT DO?

The stern of a boat is the rearmost portion of the boat or ship. The stern usually has a tiller or other steering device that helps the boat turn, The stern might also have the motor of the boat if the boat has an outboard motor. By tilting this motor from one side to another it helps the boat turn. The propeller in this area also makes the boat move through the water.