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Q: What is the first book from your Sister the Vimpire?
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In the end of the vimpire diares of book three is Elena going to be with stephan and is she going to become vimpire?

Yes, but then she dies while killing Katherine. But she comes back in book for the Dark Reunion

Was dracula a vimpire?

Dracula wasn't a vimpire. However, he is a vampire.

What is the 1st sisters grim book called?

The first book is calles "the sister's grimm, the fairytale detectives"

Can vimpire s swim?

As long as they aren't in the sun, then yes.

What is the twin sisters first name in genius files book?

His Twin Sister's Name Is Pepsi !

What is the Idaho state mammal?

The state mammal of Idaho is the Vimpire.

Is edwar a real vimpire?

No he is not. That's a fantasy movie. And it's Edward btw.

What is the theme song for the vimpire diaries?

theme tune for advertisement for vampire diarys

Who was the one who first knew Stephenie Meyer had written a book when she first started out?

Stephenie Meyer only told her sister, Emily, she was writing a book. No one else knew!

Is the children's book I have a sister my sister is deaf nonfiction?

it is nonfiction

Where was the book your sister the vampire made?

its called my sister the vampire

How does vimpire look like?

just like you and me. i have a friend that claims he is one but not so sure.

What is the conflict of the book lost and found?

the conflict of this book is a girl who is trying to help her sister and it gose wrong and the sister has to find her sister who ran away

What is the first line in Alice in Wonderland?

The first line in Lewis Carroll's book, Alice's Adventures in wonderland is, "Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice `without pictures or conversation?'"

Who was jonah's sister in the book found by haddix?

Jonah's sister is Katherine.

What is the rating of my sister's keeper?

The book 'My Sister's Keeper' is rated M.

Is sister's keeper a non-fiction book?

No. My Sister's Keeper is fictional

Who wrote a book based on their job in NCIS?

Tim Mcgee wrote the book "Deep Six" about his job and co-workers, the book was first mentioned in the episode "Twisted Sister" (4x09).

How do you became a vimpire?

You don't. How old are you ~ 11? You even spelt it wrong. It's vampire not vimpire. The movies are fun but there is no such thing. Wanting to drink blood is a sick fetish thankfully, few people have. That does not make them vampires. Just sick in the head...

Can you become a vimpire?

No..... it is not safe and to much blood can kill you so no and where would you even find a vampire?

Is the word sister ever capitalized?

Yes.The word "sister" can be used as a title to refer to junior nuns (in contrast to senior nuns or "mothers"). In this instance, one can refer to the nun as "Sister" followed by her name. ********************You would also capitalize it if you are using it in place of a name. As you would "Dad" or "Mom." As in, "Dad, where did Sister put my book?" but NOT "Where did my sister put my book." In the first it is used as a proper noun.

What is the tittle of Lois Lowry's first book?

Lois Lowry's first book was a summer to die, written in 1977. The story is a fictionalized telling of her sister's death at 28. Source: http:/

Who wrote a book based on their job in the series NCIS?

Tim Mcgee wrote the book "Deep Six" about his job and co-workers, the book was first mentioned in the episode "Twisted Sister" (4x09).

Is the book My Sister The Vampire Re-Vamped a fantasy book?


Does zoey from house of night have an older sister?

Yes, but you only hear about her briefly in the first book and briefly in Awakened from her Mother.