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Spain, hence the name Spanish.

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What was the first country to speak spanish?


Which African country does not speak spanish?

None of them speak spanish except Equatorial Guinea.

What is the name and language of the largest South American country that does not speak Spanish?

Brazil is the largest country in South America and they do not speak Spanish, but instead speak Portuguese.

What countries speak Spanish in the US?

The U.S. is a country, and therefore there are no countries within it that speak Spanish.

Does guayana prancesa speak Spanish?

the country speaks spanish

Why do Cubans speak Spanish?

Cubans speak Spanish because Cuba was originally settled by Spain, which is a Spanish speaking country.

Is Barcelona a Spanish speaking country?

Barcelona is not a country: it is a city. It is in the country Spain. Yes, they do speak Spanish in Spain.

What country in Europe speak spanish?


Why doesn't Chile speak Spanish?

Chileans do speak Spanish; it is the official language of Chile.

What language do people speak in Spanish?

well, first of all spanish some speak Brazilian and a lot of spanish people speak English!

Why do Brazillians speak both Portuguese and Spanish?

Brazilians generally do not speak Spanish unless they learned it in school or have lived in a Spanish speaking country.

What is the only country that does not speak spanish in south America?

They speak Portuguese in Brazil.

How many people speak Spanish in each Spanish speaking country xy?

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How many people speak Spanish in Spain?

I would have to say virtually all Spaniards speak Spanish. However, in the Basque country, or in Cataluna, Basque or Catalan is the preferred language. All Spaniards speak Spanish. In Catalunya, we use catalan or spanish, we are bilingual. You can use "euskera" in Basque country, " gallego " in Galicia, "bable" in Asturias.

What countries in the world speak Spanish as their second language?

Probably every country has people that speak Spanish as their second language.

What country in central American does not speak spanish?


What is the country in Central America that does not speak spanish?


Which country does not speak Spanish - Spain Mexico or Finland?

Spanish is not a widely-spoken language in Finland.

Is Mexico a central American country that speaks spanish?

yes, mosth population speak spanish but too in other part speak dialects, not all population speak dialects, so mosth population speak spanish

What is the only country in central America that does not speak spanish as its official language?

Belize is the only country in central America that does not speak Spanish as its official language.

What country in Asia speaks Spanish?

The Philippines speak Spanish although it is not the official language.

Which country was the first to speak English?

England was the first country

What country in Southern Africa does not speak Spanish as its primary language?

ALL of the countries in Southern Africa do not speak Spanish as their primary language. The only Spanish-speaking country in Africa is Equatorial Guinea, which is in Central Africa.

Is Aruba a spanish speaking country?

No, Aruba is a dutch speaking country. However, they speak spanish, English, and Portuguese as well.

Is Spain the only Spanish European country?

Spain is the only Spanish country in the world. Other countries may speak a version of Spanish but no other country has the name "SPAIN". There is not another Spanish speaking country in Europe.