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You would need an medicine degree first.


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You would need a medical degree and residency in surgery to become a surgeon. If you become a registered nurse, you could assist a surgeon.

You need a Medical Degree before you can become a surgeon. And that requires completion of a Bachelor's Degree first. And after med school there are many other classes and practical experience required.

AnswerThe degree you need to become a surgeon is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), which takes about 8 years in addition to a residency program working in a hospital. No master's degree is required to become a surgeon.

First, you have to learn to spell 'surgeon.' Then you'll go to four years of college to obtain your bachelor's degree in Medicine. Then you take a test to see if you'll be accepted into a Medical School.

Medical degree and specialization postgraduate course.

Yes - to become a veterinarian (veterinary surgeon) you require a BVSc, DVM, or equivalent degree.

In order to become an oral surgeon, you need to attend dental school, which usually requires a bachelor's degree. From dental schools, you need to obtain your Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. After that you need to go through residency which usually takes from 4 to 6 years depending on if you want to receive your MD

Medical degree, experience on the floor as well as residency and fellowship training are essential to be considered for training as an orthopedic surgeon.

About ten years of a medical degree, an internship and then selection for specialist training.

definitely a spelling degree.. surgeon.

You need about 4 years of college and medical school to earn a degree of medicine and become a surgeon.

Before you can become a surgeon you need a doctoral degree in medicine (MD), you need to complete an internship and probably one or more residencies. After that a resume will be helpful when looking for employment, but you will know how to create one and it will be a minor item in your professional employment.

You would need to complete alot of studies to become a sugeon who preforms bariatric surgeries. You would need to become a normal surgeon first. You could ask your local doctor if he or she knows of the good schools

No, in order to become a surgeon, a medical student must obtain either the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree after four years of medical school. Additionally, to become a surgeon the physician must go on to be licensed and undergo residency training and this process can take several years to complete.

To become a judge, you need to have a law degree. To obtain a law degree, you must first obtain a bachelor's degree.

A medical degree and specific training.

Typically, to become a surgeon, you would need a four year college degree and a three year medical school degree. After that, there would be internship, surgical residency, and possibly a fellowship before practicing.

you need a bachlors degree, master degeree, and Phd.M.D OR J.D 2-3 yeears in addition to 5 or more years of training as a general surgeon. Medicine and dentistry knowlege needed.

Yes, you will need a college* degree to perform any kind of surgery. Unless you steal a doctors identity…then your office will be a prison cell and you will specialize in anal surgery.

You need a bachelor's degree to become a Dietician.

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