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The company was founded by Henry Ford, but he's been dead for a long time now.

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Q: What is the first name of Mr Ford who makes Ford trucks?
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What is the correct name for the brain on Ford trucks?

It is called the ECU, (Engine Control Unit)

Where is a good place to look for Ford trucks for sale?

Detroit, the motor city is a great place to find Ford trucks for sale. The city of Dearborn Michigan is home to the Glass house, the name known as Ford World headquarters. However for others auto trader magazines would have many options for used Ford trucks for sale. A Ford Dealership would have new Ford trucks for sale, and also certified used which would be a higher quality used truck.

What is a model name of a Ford performance truck?

There are several Ford performance trucks out on the market today. Lightning, Harley-Davidson F-150, Roush F-150 & Saleen F-150 are the model names of the performance trucks that Ford offers.

What is true about Gerald Ford?

His first name is Gerald and his last name is Ford.

What is the actual first name of Whitey Ford?

"Whitey's" full name is Edward Charles Ford

What does Ford stand for?

It was the last name of the maker of the first Ford Car.

Did cummins come out in Ford trucks?

The development of Cummins engines and the establishment of the company has nothing to do with Ford. As for using their engines, yes, Ford has used Cummins engines, in some of their medium duty trucks (currently represented by the F650 and F750... the F450 and F550 are also medium duty, but the Cummins engines were never available for those... the heavy duty market, Ford gave up in 1997 and sold to Daimler A.G., who put the trucks into production under the Sterling name.

What trucks have a name that starts with m?

Mack Trucks

What car company offer trucks with Crew Cabs?

"There are several car companies that offer trucks with crew cabs. Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and GM are just to name a few companies. There is also Toyota and Nissan."

What are the best brand name pickup trucks available on the market?

Some of the best pickup trucks available on the market today include Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma in the midsize category. In the full size category the Ford Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150 are good choices.

What is the first name of president Ford?


What was the name of the first automobile model?


What was the first car to have a name?

The ford Thunderbird

England trucks are called?

Just trucks. The is no different name.

Who was secretary of state for President Ford?

Who was the President Gerald Ford Secretary, the first name was Linda what was the last name

What is the birth name of Toni Trucks?

Toni Trucks's birth name is Antoinette Lindsay Trucks.

What is the birth name of Virgil Trucks?

Virgil Trucks's birth name is Virgil Oliver Trucks.

What the name of the first car?

the ford model T

What is the name of the first US car made?


What is the name of the first automobile invented in the world?


What is the actual brand name of the trucks commonly referred to as Freightshakers?

Freightliner Trucks.

What was the first year Chevy come out with vortec engines?

The name first appeared in 1988 on a 4.3 L 1996 in full size trucks.

What do you call a row of semi trucks?

A row of semi trucks. There isn't a specific name for it.

Where can one find more information about Ford Duallys?

One can find more information about Ford Duallys from these sources: Ford Trucks, Truck Paper, Cars For Sale, Ford website, Dealer Net, Pirate 4x4, Dually Scene, Duraflap, Power Stroke, Diesel Bombers, to name a few.

Who created the first car?

Henry Ford created the first car & that is also where the company name Ford cames from.Another opinionPanhard et Levassor, NOT the Model T Ford.