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What was the name of Vlad Tepes' First Wife?

The actual name of Vlad Tepes' first wife is unknown. Through historical facts, all that is known of her is the event of her suicide after receiving a letter that had been shot through her window notifying her of the invasion of the Turks. She then threw herself into Arges River to escape enslavemen ( Full Answer )

Where did Barack Obama meet his wife?

Barack and Michelle Obama met at a the end of his first year at Harvard Law School. A top law firm hired Obama as a summer intern in Chicago. There Barack Obama met a young lawyer, Michelle Robinson, and the two started dating.

What is Rev Run's first wife name?

Rev Run's first wife's name was Valerie Vaughn. She is the birth mother of Jojo, Vanessa, and Angela Simmons.

Did Barack Obama cheat on his wife?

There is no credible evidence that he did. This accusation has only appeared in tabloids such as the National Enquirer, which will often print gossip and rumor. By most reliable accounts, the president and his wife have a strong marriage and seem genuinely fond of each other.

Is Barac Obama more white or more black?

He is neither black nor white but rather a combination or multi racial. His mother was 100% white and his father was 100% black.

Did Obama beat his wife?

No, He Did Not Beat His wife.. Why would he beat his wife if he was going to become president?

How did Obama meet his wife?

Michelle Obama got a job at Sidley + Austin. There, she was assigned to mentor a promising young summer associate. The associate was Barack Obama.

Obamas childrens and wifes names?

Alia and Sasha. also his wifes name is Michelle if you care But I do becauseBrack is off the hissle!!! machelle could also be known as the first lady or first ladymachelle

What is Obamas wifes name?

Obama's wife's name is Mitchelle Obama and we should call her the First Lady not by her first name it can sometimes be a little disrespectful

What is Will Smith first wife name?

Her name is Sheree Zampino . he divorced her in 1995 who is his older son's Trey's mother he later remarried to actress Jada Pinket-Smith .

Does Barack Obama have kids or a wife?

Yes. His wife is named Michelle (she used to be Michelle Robinson). They got married in 1992. Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters, Sasha and Malia.

When did obama meet his wife?

When he started working at Harvard law school. she didnt want anything to do with him in relationship wise because they were work companions.

When was Obamas wife born?

Michell LaVaughn Robinson Obama, wife of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama II, and the 52nd First Lady of the United States, was born on 17 January, 1964.

What was the name of Allen greenspan's first wife?

Per http://www.powerset.com/explore/semhtml/Alan_Greenspan. "His first marriage was to Joan Mitchell in 1952; the marriage ended in divorce one year later. He dated newswoman Barbara Walters in the late 1970s. [7] In 1984, Greenspan began dating journalist Andrea Mitchell. Greenspan at the time wa ( Full Answer )

Is barack obama cheating on his wife?

No, there is no credible evidence of it. You may sometimes see tabloid rumors, but these are meant to sell newspapers, and are not based on verifiable facts.

How is obama 44th president but his wife is 46th first lady?

Two presidents had two wives while in office due to death and remarriage: . John Tyler (10th president): wife Lelita Christian Tyler died in 1842 (he had 8 children with her) and he then married Julia Tyler in 1844 (and had 7 children with her). He was in office April 1841 to March 1845. Woodro ( Full Answer )

Has Barack Obama cheated on his wife?

As far as anyone knows, President Obama did not cheat on his wife. From all appearances they have a wonderful and loving relationship.

The name of Abraham Lincolns first wife?

Her name was Mary Todd Lincoln, and I believe she was his only wife.. Her name was Anne Rutledge, they met when she was 19 and she died of typhoid in 1835.After President Lincoln's assassination in 1865, his friend and law partner William Herndon first revealed the story of the supposed romance b ( Full Answer )

What is the name of Julius Caesar's first wife?

Julius Caeser was: . First married to Cornelia Cinnilla (daugther of Lucius Cornelius), from 83 BC until her death in childbirth in 69 or 68 BC . Then married to Pompeia, from 67 BC until he divorced her around 61 BC . Finally married to Calpurnia Pisonis, from 59 BC until Caesar's death. Julius ( Full Answer )

What does Obama first name mean?

His name comes from the Hebrew. In Hebrew there is a word Baraq (ברק) (which means lightning), but it is not related to the president's name. Barack is related to the Hebrew word Barukh (ברוך) which means blessed .

Is Barac Obama a communist?

No, Barack Obama is not currently a member of the Communist Party.. Yes, Barack Obama does subscribe to communist ideologies and philosophies; however, the extent to which he does is unclear. It is known that historically, Obama has deep ties to communism, and was strongly associated with members o ( Full Answer )

What was the name of Roy Rogers first wife?

Roy was married to Arlene Wilkins. They had two daughters--an adopted daughter, Cheryl, and their own natural daughter, Linda Lou. When there son Roy, Jr. "Dusty" was born, Arlene died eight days after giving birth when a blood clot formed. (This information is found in Dale Evans Rogers' book, "T ( Full Answer )

What was Myles Standish's wifes first name?

His first wifes name was Rose, maiden name unknown, and his second wifes name was Barbara, her maiden name also unknown. Rose died during the first winter and Barbara survived her husband and had seven kids

What was Solomon Burke's first wife name?

Doris Williams -one child, Delores Clark Burke- seven children Bishop Bernadine Turner Burke 1970 and he is still married to Bishop Turner Burke. I found the court documents and I am the daughter of Delores Melanie. Frances Sunday Soto is the women he married in 1977 after all there children where ( Full Answer )

What is ari golds wifes first name?

Unknown. I have watched the show since it came out and I have seen many episodes multiple times and I have never heard her name. Ari calls her Baby all of the time but that cannot be it. The actress that plays her is Perrey Reeves that is all that I know.

Obama wifes name and kids?

Wife: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (b. 1/17/1964) Kids: Malia Ann Obama (b. 1998) Natasha Obama (b. 2001)

What is the name of Julius Erving's first wife?

Some may argue that Dr. J's first wife was basketball or maybe even himself, but her was marries to a woman named Turquoise (yep the color) Erving from 1972 till 2003!

Who is barack obama s wife?

Her maiden name is Michele LaVaughn Robinson. Like her husband she is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Who to list first wife or husband name?

it depands on who is more incharge. a lot of people put the person who makes more money first to show that they are more important. But really it is up to you or who is writing

What is the name of hazrat yousaf's first wife?

My apologies, but from the few translations I just read, it does not mention a wife of the Hazrat Yousuf within the text. Only that the Egyptian Aziz's wife, Zuleikha tried to seduce (without successs) and falsely accuse the prophet for which he did serve time in prison until later cleared.

Is it true Obama cheated on his wife?

Yes acording to larry sinclear obama has had sexual incounters with him more then one time, while no proof was ever brought aginst him, remember herman cain also had a woman come forward and say he cheated no proof was ever found but it didnt stop the media from calling cain a cheater so why not cal ( Full Answer )

Is the President Obama and wife together or not?

Yes, they are absolutely still together. If the question is about whether President Obama is still married to Michelle, there is no reason to assume they are getting a divorce. There have been various tabloid publications and gossip websites that claimed the president and his wife are separating or ( Full Answer )