What is the first simple machine invented?

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Q: What is the first simple machine invented?
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Who invented the first simple machine?

Scientist have not proven what simple machine was the first one. It could be any of them

Who invented a calculating machine?

The first counting machine known to man was an abacus. This simple machine was invented by the Chinese.

When was the first lever simple machine invented?

one of the years before 2013

When was the first simple machine invented?

The first simple machine was invented the first time a lever was used when the cave men were using a stick to raise a rock out of the ground. However, some simple machines were not invented, but appeared naturally, such as the inclined plane. Certainly animals may have used ramps before they could manipulate a stick.

When was the first breathing machine made?

The very first breathing machine was a very simple piece of equipment invented by John Mayow. The first breathing machine was made in the year of 1670.

How can you build a simple machine that is not invented?

by inventing it

What is the First steam machine?

The first steam machine was the simple turbine invented by Hero of Alexandria in 100AD. The first practical steam driven machine was the beam engine invented by the Cornish engineer Newcomen in the 18th century. It was used to pump water out of the tin mines.

Is First photocopy machine invented in Brazil or not?

brazil invented the first photocopier machine

What year was the first washing machine invented?

The first washing machine was invented in the year 1851. It was the drum washing machine and it was invented by James King.

When was the first computerized sewing machine invented?

the first computerized sewing machine was invented in 1963

What year was the first popcorn machine invented?

First popcorn machine was invented in the year of 1885.

Who invented the first time machine?

Nobody has invented a time machine...yet.

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