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What is the first song in The Lion King?


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In the original movie The Lion King from 1994 it's "Circle of Life" in the opening scene. In the 1998 sequel The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride it's "He Lives In You" in the opening scene.

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Elton John sings the lion king song

it doesn't have an official theme song. but the lion king is most often specifically affiliated with 'The Circle of Life', as it opens the first movie.

Well he doesn't sing a song on lion king, but on his solo album he sang "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from the lion king.

The sad song in the Lion King during the stampede and when Mufasa dies is called "To Die For." It's on the Lion King Soundtrack.

If you are talking about Lion King on Broadway, the song is called One by One by Lebo M or the Lion King ensemble

I cannot locate a song titled 'Stand By You' from The Lion King soundtrack.

"Nants Ingonyama" followed by "Circle of Life" is the intro song to The Lion King.

There are several songs for The Lion King, including score music.

The song, "One by One", opens the second act of The Lion King stage musical.

the lion king movie there's a song they play at the beginning what is it?You must be referring to The Lion King 1½ (2004); the song they play at the beginning is titled "Nants Ingonyama" to which Timon parodies the lyrics.

The Circle of Life is the opening song.

It depends on which specific song from The Lion King you are looking for musical notes on. But, you can find a list of musical notes for the songs and instrumental score music in The Lion King on their site if you type in "Lion King" in the Find Sheet Music search engine featured on the website.

The Lion King was first released on June 15, 1994.

King Of Africa - Douster

Simba was one day old when he sang The Morning Report

The Lion King stage musical was performed first at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is the same as The first Lion King, which happens to be Nala.

No, "He Lives in You" is from Lion King. :)

No, Its the name of a song. From the Lion King.

The Lion King: Six New Adventures was released shortly after the original Lion King film was released in 1994.

The Lion King isn't a book, so it doesn't have any chapters.However, there are three films of the Lion King film series, the first being The Lion King, the second being The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and the third being The Lion King 1½.

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