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Q: What is the first stage of fertilization?
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What is the first stage of development after fertilization?


What is first stage of fertilization?

When the sperm meets the ovum and goes into the zygote .

What are the three stages of fertilization?

zygote stage, embryonic stage,and fetal stage

What is the time between fertilization and growth?

embryotic stage

Three stages of prenatal development?

Pre-embryonic :begins with fertilization and encompasses the first 2 weeks thereafter. Cellular division and implantation occurs this stage of development. Embryonic : this stage last from the end of the 2nd week after Fertilization until the end of the 8th Weeks is also the time when the women misses her first menstrual period. Fetal: this stage is from the beginning of the 9th week after fertilization and continues until birth. At this time, the developing human is referred to as a fetus.

Can a women be pregnant if the man pull out his penis before the sperm comes out while having 1st day of period?

Sperm have various stage. First and Second Stage. Both stage is capable of producing fertilization depending on the cycle or the period of the female. First stage: at this stage the male is not aware of that, Second stage: it's the stage we are well of. That is, if the female is not in safe period, first stage can make her pregnant as well.

How is fertilization related to the formation of the zygote?

It is the main stage of mitosis

What are the differences between the gametophyte stage and the sporophyte stage of the plant life-cycle?

the gametophyte stage begins with meiosis and the sporophyte stage begins with fertilization.

What happens to the egg cell and sperm cell during the fertilization process?

They meet to form a zygote which is the first stage of maturity of a human. Hope this helps ;;; ;;;;;;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;

What is it called when the egg and sperm combine into one cell?

Well...first of all it is called fertilization. The actual baby at this very early stage is called a zygote.

What happens in the zygote stage?

fertilization begins and zygote plants itself onto the uterus

How many stages does a frogs life cycle have?

The frog has three distinct stages of development in its life cycle.the first stage is the laying of the ova and the fertilization stage in the water called the spawning stage.The second stage is the tadpole stage where the eggs hatch and the tiny tadpoles swing in water to develop limbs .The final stage is the terrestial stage when the frog leaves the water .

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