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what is the font of the logo granier

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Q: What is the font for garnier?
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When was Garnier created?

Garnier was created in 1906.

What are the side effect of garnier in our skin?

side effect of garnier

Where are the garnier headquarters at?

Garnier is part of L'Oreal so Paris

What is Chรขteau-Garnier's population?

Château-Garnier's population is 638.

When did Robert Garnier die?

Robert Garnier died in 1590.

When was Robert Garnier born?

Robert Garnier was born in 1544.

When was Julien Garnier born?

Julien Garnier was born in 1642.

When did Julien Garnier die?

Julien Garnier died in 1730.

When did Octave Garnier die?

Octave Garnier died in 1912.

When was Octave Garnier born?

Octave Garnier was born in 1889.

When was Igor Garnier born?

Igor Garnier was born in 1990.

When was Georges Garnier born?

Georges Garnier was born in 1878.

When did Georges Garnier die?

Georges Garnier died in 1936.

When was Molly Garnier born?

Molly Garnier was born in 1981.

When did Jean Garnier die?

Jean Garnier died in 1681.

When was Jean Garnier born?

Jean Garnier was born in 1612.

When was Thomas Garnier born?

Thomas Garnier was born in 1776.

When did Thomas Garnier die?

Thomas Garnier died in 1873.

When was Palais Garnier created?

Palais Garnier was created in 1874.

How tall is Loic Garnier?

Loic Garnier is 190 cm.

What opera house is the phantom of the opera based on?

The Paris Opera House, also known as the 'Opera Garnier'(the Garnier Opera House) or the 'Palais Garnier' - after Charles Garnier, the architect who built it.

Was Gaspard Ulliel in an advertisement for Garnier?

No, he wasn't. He is face of Blue The Channel, not Garnier.

What is Charles Garnier's birthday?

Charles Garnier was born on May 25, 1606.

When was Charles Garnier born?

Charles Garnier was born on May 25, 1606.

What is Francis Garnier's birthday?

Francis Garnier was born on July 25, 1839.