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different types of grain i think. Im loving all these poultry questions

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What is poultry feed?

Poultry food is chicken

What is poultry feed supplementary?

This can mean either extra food given in addition to normal daily rations or it can also be an additive to boost vitamin or mineral intake of the poultry such as a tonic added to their water supply.

What is the collective noun for poultry?

The collective noun for poultry is a run of poultry.

The USDA is responsible for the safety of what food products?

meat/poultry meat/poultry

Can you give Ibuprofen to poultry?

No, you should never give an ibuprofen to any type of poultry. Poultry can be given aspirin for some pain relief.

What is a bird that is raised for food?


What are the uses of poultry?

you can take it and make food

What is a bird raised for food called?


Chicken is what kind of food?

Chicken is poultry.

Is poultry an energy giving food?


What is the most dangerous food ingredients?

The most dangerous food ingredients is using raw poultry. The bacteria in poultry can kill people if not properly prepared.

What food standards must be met when cooking with raw poultry?

There are many food standards that must be met when cooking with raw poultry. The most important standard with raw poultry is making sure that it is not raw when served. Poultry that is not cooked properly can cause serious illness and even death.

What food group are fishes in the food group?

Fish and poultry belong to proteins.

What is Australains main food?

The main Australian food is poultry and also beef .

What kind of food is chicken?

Chicken is poultry for your food pyramid or the old food group chart.

What food group does turkey come under?


What food substances allow for good health?


What Can cause blindness in chickens or poultry?

diease in food

What is poultry producer?

A poultry producer is anyone that raises chickens and produces products made from poultry. Most poultry producers raise chickens for the eggs. When those chickens are no longer able to produce, they are sent to be turned into food.

Where is poultry found in Alabama?

Poultry can be found in farmyards and backyard coops, in rural or urban areas as poultry is defined as any domesticated bird raised for food,eggs or pets.

Are eggs catergorized as poultry?

Yes. Eggs are in the category of Meat, Poultry, Fish,Dry beans, and nuts on the food pyramid.

What is handy poultry and roasting tools?

A baster is used to return some of the meat and poultry juices from the pan back to the food.

What is the difference between poultry and game?

Poultry is domesticated fowl as game are animals that are also found in the wild

Which word means a bird that is raised for food?

A bird that is raised for food is known as poultry.

How do you make poultry chickens grow faster?

we can make the poultry grow faster by giving them food with the sufficient differs from each poultry animal.we should take good care of them.