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Aluminum and bromine combine to form the ionic compound aluminum bromide (AlBr3).

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When aluminum and bromine react, three bromine atoms combine with each aluminum atom.

aluminums symbol is Al. Bromines symbol is Br. Because bromine is the nonmetal the ending changes to -ide- which makes it bromide. Aluminum has 3 valence electrons and bromine has -1. that makes the formula..... Al^3 Br =) hope it helped

The formula for bromine triflouride is BF3.

zinc, aluminum, and oxidized bromine is incredibly acidic.

The gram formula unit or molar mass for aluminum bromide is 533.38.* Therefore, 1.42 moles has a mass of 757.4 grams. The mass of 6 moles of bromine atoms is 479.42. Therefore, the mass fraction of bromine in aluminum bromide is 479.42/757.4 or 0.633, and the mass in grams of bromine required to form 1.42 moles of aluminum bromide is 0.633 X 757.4 or 479 grams, to the justified number of significant digits (limited by the precision given for the number of moles.) ___________________ *This is equal to the sum of (2 times the gram atomic mass of aluminum) and (6 times the gram atomic mass of bromine).

The chemical formula for bromine Gas is Br2.

bromine combines with aluminum to produce AlBr3.

Aluminum has a +3 charge. Bromine has a -1 charge. When combined the ionic compound AlBr3

Bromine is a diatomic liquid under normal conditions with a molecular formula of Br2

Bromine is an element and has the symbol Br.

The chemical formula for potassium and bromine is KBr and is named potassium bromide.

It is a chemical change. The aluminum reacts with the bromine to form aluminum bromide.

Bromine is Br2 in gas or liquid form.

Bromine pentafluoride is the name. The formula is BrF5

Sodium bromine is not a recognized chemical compound. The formula for sodium bromide is NaBr.

The formula for Aluminum Iodide is AlI

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