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Volume = 1/3*base area*perpendicular height

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The formula for finding the volume for a triangular pyramid is half base x height x length. A triangular pyramid has four faces.

Because the formula is the same: volume = 1/3base areaheight

A pyramid is any three-dimensional polyhedron where the faces other than the base are triangular and converge at one point, called the apex. The formula for finding the volume of a pyramid is . There are some tutorials at the related link below that can help you figure out how to use this formula.

There is no formula for this. You have to measure the volume.

what is the formula of volume in science

The formula for a pyramid. The volume of a pyramid is (1/3)(B)(h). The volume of a cone is essentially the same: (1/3)(B=πr2)(h)

The volume of a regular pyramid is 1/3*area of the base*hight

formula for finding the volume of hollow dish

go to this website... it has a diagram and equation

formula of the volume of a prism = (base area)(height) formula of the volume of a pyramid = (1/3)(base area)(height) therefore, to convert the volume of a prism to that of a pyramid, just divide it by 3

(1/3)Bh, that is, 1/3 times the base area times the perpendicular height.

The answer depends on the what characteristic of the pyramid you want the formula for: its surface area, its volume or something else.

volume of cylinder = 1 * formula found from

The volume of a rectangular prism can be found by the formula: volume=length*width*height

For finding the volume of a cube, or a rectangular prism, you multiply all of the dimensions (height*length*width=volume).

This is too general. The following equation is for the volume of a square pyramid, where v= volume, l= length of the base, w= width of the base, and h= height of the pyramid: v=(1/3)*l*w*h In other words, volume=(one divided by three) times length times width times height Volume is measured in "cubic" units. The volume of a figure is the number of cubes required to fill it completely, like blocks in a box. Sorry, but this answer is incorrect. the formula given is that of which for a rectangular pyramid. (learned this today in math )

The formula for finding the volume of the square is....... nothing! Its nothing because squares are 2D and I guess you could probaly use area..... :)

The formula to find the volume of a triangular pyramid is: 1/3 (1/2 B H ) H

Formula for volume of pyramid is 1/3*base area*height Formula for area of rectangle (in this case the base) is length*breadth So, the volume of the pyramid is 1/3*12*5*9=180m3

There is none, given volume alone.

A rectangle has no volume, it is a 2 dimensional object.

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