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What is the formula of mean?


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If is sum of observations/count of observations.

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if you mean carbon dioxied, the formula is: CO2 If you mean carbon monoxied, the formula is: CO If you mean Carbon Dioxide, the formula is: CO2 If you mean Carbon Monoxide, the formula is: CO [Corrections for spelling only]

Do you mean the molecular formula? If so, then it is C4H10. If you mean empirical formula, then it is C2H5.

If you mean "does the same compound always have the same formula" then the answer is yes. If you mean "do all compounds have the same formula" then the answer is no.

Yes Chemical formula, molecular formula, formula unit all mean the same

To express in a formula or to prepare according to a formula.

What do you mean? H2 is the formula of hydrogen gas.

Not sure on formula but do you mean H20?

Formula? Lithium Phosphate is the name for it but not sure what you mean by formula because Li3PO4 is a chemical formula.

DRS in Formula 1 mean Drag Reduction Ssystem.

A formula does not normally have a mean!

If you mean acetic acid, the formula is CH3CO2H

Do you mean chemical formula? C12H22O11.

If you mean ethanol the chemical formula is C2H5OH.

Do you mean the name... NH3 is the formula for ammonia.

That's the chemical formula for glucose

If you mean potassium Cyanide, the formula is KCN

formula- a rule or principle, frequently expressed in algebraicsymbols.

the steps you took to produce your answer 1 + 2 is a formula

I am not sure what you are asking. A hexagon doesn't actually have a formula. Do you mean a formula for the interior angles? or what? Please can you clarify your question.

What do you mean what is the chemical formula for CuSO4? CuSO4 IS THE chemical formula. The name of this compound is copper II sulfate.

Its the formula of the mineral Quartz

It is the equation for photosynthesis

It's a formula for charcoal

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