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What is the fourth trophic level?

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it is the same as the third. carnivore's

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What is the harp seals trophic level?

fourth trophic level

How does the amount of biomass at the fourth trophic level compare to the amount of biomass at the third trophic level immediately below it?

Biomass at the fourth trophic level is approximately ten times smaller than biomass at the third trophic level.

What animals are in the fourth trophic level?


What is the fourth trophic level called?

Quaternary consumers

What trophic level would a large carnivorous predator be placed?

Fourth Level

What trophic level do decomposers belong to?

Decomposers belong to the last trophic level, since they consume the dead organisms, its around the fourth or fifth level.

Which organism is on the fourth trophic level?

Humans and Bacteria are considered 4th Level consumers.

What is the 3rd 4th and fifth trophic level called?

the third level is 'tertiary' and the fourth is 'quaterny'... Not sure about the 5th though

What is trophic level efficiency?

Trophic level efficiency is the ratio of production of one trophic level to the production of the next lower trophic level. This efficiency is never high.

What trophic level are scavengers?

Scavengers are on every trophic level

Organisms at the first trophic level are called?

Producers make up the first trophic level. A trophic level is each step in a food chain or food web is called a trophic level.

What is the trophic level of the bird?

The trophic level is where an organism falls on the food chain. Most birds fall on the highest level, trophic level 4.

Are biomass and trophic level related?

Yes it is. As you go up the trophic level the biomass of that trophic decrease

Which trophic level hs the largest biomass?

Trophic Level #1

What trophic level is the hawk in?

they are tertiary consumers. the first trophic level.

What trophic level is a salamander?

Third trophic level. It eats insects.

What is the trophic level of fungi?

Fungi do not have an independent trophic level as they eat thing from all other trophic levels

What tropic level does a white tiger occupy?

its in the trophic level it lives in.. its in the trophic level it lives in..

What are the second trophic level?

The second trophic level refers to all consumers.

What trophic level is located at the bottom of the pyramid?

First trophic level. Producers

What is the trophic level of the Amur leopard?

what trophic level do amur leopards live in

What trophic level is a cougar?

Its an T1 because its an producer

What happens when an organism from a higher trophic level eats an organism from a lower trophic level?

It in takes 10% of the energy from the lower trophic level organism.

Why can each trophic level support only about one tenth the amount of living tissue of the level below?

This is because energy is lost at each trophic level. The energy available to the next trophic level is about 10% of the energy of the previous trophic level.

Why is the amount of energy present in trophic levels shown as a pyramid?

Trophic levelsTrophic levels are the feeding position in a food chain such as primary producers, herbivore, primary carnivore, etc. Green plants form the first trophic level, the producers. Herbivores form the second trophic level, while carnivores form the third and even the fourth trophic levels. In this section we will discuss what is meant by food chains, food webs and ecological pyramids.