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What is the french word for a street court?

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cour de rue

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What is the french word for street?

the french word for street is rue

French word for street?

The french for "street" is "rue".

How do you say 'street' in french?

The French word for "street" is "la rue."

The french word for street?

Rue is French for street. an example is :- "dans la rue" which means "on the street"

What is the word for short in french?

the word for short in french is à court

What is the word for street in french?


What does the french word courts mean?

In French, court means short.

What french word for street is?

la rue (fem.)

What is LaRue a French topographic name for?

The word LaRue is a french word that refers to a person who lives on a pathway, road or track. The word translates from French into English as "The Street".

What is the duration of Street Court?

The duration of Street Court is 1800.0 seconds.

How do you day street in french?

street mean "rue" in French.

When was Court Street Bridge created?

Court Street Bridge was created in 1893.

When was Court Street School created?

Court Street School was created in 1921.

When was Street Court created?

Street Court was created on 2009-09-21.

When did Street Court end?

Street Court ended on 2010-09-17.

What is another word for street that starts with the letter c?

cul-de-sac also - court

Which word comes from a French word meaning short?

You may be thinking of 'curt', which is used to describe a short and abrupt way of speaking. It derives from the French 'court'.

How do you say the street in french?

the street is 'la rue' (fem.) in French

When was Court Street - IND Fulton Street Line - created?

Court Street - IND Fulton Street Line - was created in 1936.

When did Court Street - IND Fulton Street Line - end?

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Where do they play basketball?

At a court or street court

How do the French court judges get elected?

French Court Judges do not get elected. They are assigned to a Tribunal or Court by the French Justice Department.

How would a mail carrier use the word court in a sentence?

This letter goes to a house on State Street, not State Court!I would like to court that lovely meter maid, Rita.

How do you say 12th street in French?

"12th street" is "douzième rue" in French.

When was Court Street Baptist Church created?

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