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Right Whales

What is the french word for right whale?

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What is the french word for whale?

The french word for whale is Baleine

What is the french word for right?

The French word for right is droit

Is there a right whale?

There are 3 species of right whales. They are the North Atlantic right whale, the North Pacific right whale and the southern right whale.

What is the word for right and left in french?

right is "droite" and left is "gauche" in French.

Is the right whale endangered?

The right whale is the most endangered whale in the world.

What is the names of different types of whales?

Most common:humback whaleblue whaleshort-finned pilot whalesperm whaleright whalebowhead whalen. Atlantic and n. pacific right whalesouthern right whalefin whaleSei whaleBrydes whalepygmy brydes whalen. and s. minke whalegray whalepygmy right whale

What is the length of a right whale?

This depends on the subspecies of right whale. Southern right whale can measure to 59 feet. Northern right whale can measure to 60 feet.

What is shadow of the whale in French?

the shadow of the whale is " l'ombre de la baleine " in French.

What is the smallest baleen whale?

the minke whale or the southern right but that's a right whale

Which is bigger a sperm whale or a right whale?

right whales they are the second biggest whale.

1What are the top ten largest whales?

In order of largest to smallest Blue whale Fin whale Sperm whale Bowhead whale Sei Whale North Pacific Right Whale Southern Right whale North Atlantic Right whale Bryde's whale Gray whale

Why do they call the right whale a right whale?

because they are right to kill or hunt!

What are the predators of the right whale?

it is the animal who eats the right whale.

What are the 10 types of baleen whales?

•Bowhead Whale, Northern and Southern Right Whale, Pygmy Right, Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Sei Whale, Bryde's Whale,and the Minke Whale.

French word for right as a direction?


Is Whale in french feminine or masculine?

The French for whale is "une baleine" - making it feminine.

What is the Japanese word for whale?

The Japanese word for whale is Kujira

What are the number of whale right now?

what is the number of whale right now?

Is a right whale endangered or exstinct?

There are three species of right whale. The southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) is considered Least Concern by the IUCN, but both the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) and the North Pacific right whale (Eubalaena japonica) are endangered.

Is right whale a kind of whale?

yes it is. the right whale got its name because many years ago, harpooners thought it was the "right" whale to harpoon because it was so slow.

Is the Right whale the only whale that does not have a dorsal fin?

Yes. The list of Whales below don't have a Dorsal fin.Bowhead whale (B. mysticetus)Eubalaena(Right whales)Southern right whale (E. australis)North Atlantic right whale (E. glacialis)North Pacific right whale (E. japonica)

What is the life cycle of a right whale?

what is the life cycle of a southern right whale

Where is the word whale in the New Testament?

The word "Whale" is not mentioned in the Bible.

What are 6 types of whales?

Blue whale, Sperm whale, humpback whale, Gray whale, Minke whale and Right whale. Other species include, Orca whale, Beluga whale, and Bowhead whale. There are a few more but these are all I could think of right now.

What breeds of whale live in the Antarctic?

Arnoux's beaked whaleBlue whaleDwarf sperm whaleFin whaleGray's beaked whaleHumpback whaleMinke whaleAntarctic minke whalePygmy right whalePygmy sperm whaleSei whaleSouthern bottlenose whaleSouthern right whaleSperm whaleStrap-toothed whale